How I Said Goodbye To Redness With Differin Gel

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I spent a long time visiting the dermatologist and using different oral and topical medications. Most of these come with side effects and complications that as a young adult I grew tired of and on my own discontinued most of these medications. I remember long ago being given a prescription for Differin® Gel during this time and was excited about my results. Although at that time my acne didn't completely disappear nor did my complexion become amazing overnight, I did see improvement. At this time my acne greatly improved but I still had breakouts and sporadic to mild acne. Honestly, for the past 10 years or more, I have just jumped from product to product attempting to find something that would help. When the opportunity came to try all three of these products I became extremely excited.

My skin hasn't completely cleared to a "glowing porcelain" but it has greatly improved after using Differin® Gel. I still have my occasional breakouts and periods of moderate acne but the
redness is gone and the breakouts don't last as long. I love the Differin® products and will
definitely be using them again and be recommending them to others. The Differin® products
can be purchased from the website or from most drug stores and major retail stores.


  1. So glad you found something that works for you. You have a beautiful smile!

  2. It looks like all your work sticking with Differin worked out. Your skin looks amazing!

  3. This stuff actually works. I need to get me another tube. I am so glad it's over the counter now.... You look great!

  4. I get that redness, too. I've never tried Differin, but I sure will look for it. It seems to work.


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