Create New Family Traditions With A Reusable Advent Calendar!

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It's time to pull out your Advent Calendar and prepare for 25 days of thoughtful celebration. Are you ready for this year's advent? If you're considering starting a new tradition with your child or even for yourself, then you might want to consider buying a reusable Advent Calendar to use year after year. My children love to count down the days with our calendar and I'm excited that we have a fun new way to make Christmas memories!
Advent is the period of time leading up to Christmas, most celebrate advent the four Sundays leading to Christmas. Advent means 'Coming' or 'Arrival' in Latin. This is the coming of Jesus into the world. Christians use the four Sundays before Chrismas or the 25 days of Advent to prepare and remember the real meaning of Christmas. To mark this passage of time many people will use an Advent Calendar. There are many different types of Advent Calendars. Some may choose to make their own, while others opt for pre-filled Advent Calendars that offer fun surprises each day. While I love the prefilled type of calendars I really liked the idea of having a calendar we could use year after year. Not only will our reusable Advent Calendar build excitement for our children that they can count down the days leading to Christmas, but it will also be a new tradition full of happy memories and teachable moments.

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I chose to buy a small wooden advent calendar from Melissa & Doug. Shaped like a tree this calendar has magnetic ornaments that you put on each day until you place the star on the top on Christmas. Our kids love this tree and were so excited to pull it out the second year. I can't wait to use it again this year, however, I'm thinking of getting another reusable advent calendar for treats. I really like this garland advent calendar made of burlap. The small pouches look plenty big enough for personalizing your own small treats for your children.

You can't go wrong with a classic. The first types of advent calendars were said to have depicted winter scenes or nativity themed decorations. I love the old-world charm of this traditional advent calendar. It has the most gorgeous detailing and the little wooden drawers are perfect for small chocolates or trinkets plus it's LIGHTED. Bring that warm cheery glow to your room with a lighted advent calendar.
You might want to go with a more modern advent calendar to fit your home's decor. I love the bright color-themed calendars like this red one with refillable drawers.
My kids absolutely love getting in on this fun, and I only wish we had started this tradition sooner. The opportunities for personalizing a refillable calendar for your child are endless. You could write down scriptures to open and read each day or you could write notes of love. I love the My First Advent Calendar from Step2. It's a darling little house with bins for each day, and on the 25th day, your child can open the little door to reveal their final surprise on Christmas.
If you're limited for space but you'd still like a fun way to count down the days then perhaps one of these adorable hanging advent calendars are for you. Perfect for using an ornamental over-the-door hook, this hanging calendar will add cheer wherever you hang it!

Counting down the days until Christmas is a tradition that has been around for quite some time, how do you celebrate? Would you use one of these reusable advent calendars or would you come up with your own way to reflect on the anticipation of Christ? If you're looking to teach your children the true meaning of the season and what advent is all about try using a family advent devotional.

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  1. Advent Calendars are everywhere. This one is a very pretty tree. I am looking for one now


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