Baby Banana Teethers Are A-Peeling To Toddlers!

I received the products mentioned below in exchange for this review. All views and opinions reflect those of my own. 

Toddlerhood is a wild ride. Right when C had gotten through her recent sleep regression and nap-fighting, we find ourselves diving right back into TEETHING. Poor girl was really showing signs of being uncomfortable, and even at nearly 2, she was back to putting EVERYTHING in her mouth. And sometimes, perhaps even most times, those things were not safe. Baby Banana came to the rescue YET again.

I started both our girls on the original Baby Banana from about 3-4 months old. I had heard it recommended from other mom friends, and it lives up to the hype. The kiddos love it,since they love putting things into their mouth anyway you might as well get them this fun toy! It’s safe and it’s cute and “banana” is a pretty early sound. C still calls them “ah-nam-as” but she could say that forever and I’d never get tired of hearing it! I really love that they’ve branched out from just produce-inspired teethers and new magical designs. The MysticalDragon and MagicalUnicorn brushes are just as well-made but a totally fresh shape and design. How cute!
Baby Banana Toddler Toothbrush

C is getting second molars, so we’ve upgraded her to the Baby BananaToddler Toothbrush.  I love that it has a handle that is easier for her bigger toddler hands, that it is really flexible to reach the back of her mouth with ease, and best of all? It is dishwasher safe for sanitizing…because, well. If there is a way to get dirty, C finds it.

Another product in their lineup that was new to us for this round of teething is the Lil’ SquishJellyfish. It’s a sensory toy that you can bend, stretch, shake for sound, and most importantly, put in your mouth to your heart’s desire. C is a big fan. She calls it her “jelly whisk!” Baby Banana has earned our family’s trust from baby’s first brush, and we are thrilled they can help us out in the later stages of teething too!

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