Spring for Cheap Thrills!

Every parent has been there at some point. You buy your child an expensive toy, get it all out of the box and put it together. Then it happens, you turn around, and your child is happy as can be playing in the empty box. Oh to be a child again and enjoy the simple things in life.  
I remember working at a daycare center I had a really bad day. My class of 3 and 4 year olds were all having a severe case of the Blahs. I couldn't pull them out of it. That night I went home and tried to think of ways to make the next day better. I had an idea. Everyone loves a party. Doesn't really matter what you are celebrating as much as the atmosphere of the party. I went into work the next day to party. When each child walked into the room I welcomed them and said, " I'm so glad you came for our party, we are going to have so much fun!". My plan had worked. The children couldn't contain their excitement. 
We sang a few extra songs, played a new game. I think I gave them each a sticker to wear on their shirt.
 Everyone was happy all day, simply because it was party day.

With Spring break coming, a lot of families don't have the funds to go on vacation. Will you be staying home during Spring break? Why not party all week with your kids?

Here are some Cheap Thrills party ideas:
  • Have a bubble party. Blow bubbles, Pop bubbles, Chase bubbles, See who can blow the biggest bubble. For older children, Bubblegum bubble blowing contests! 

  •  Have a book party. Read books all day. For younger children be animated and use fun voices for each character. Have your older children participate in a Reader's Theater(acting out the story while you read it) Costumes would be fun to help them really get into character!Go to your Library to find new books to read.  

  •  Have a fort making party. Use your blankets and chairs to build amazing forts. To keep your party theme throughout the day. Eat lunch in your fort. Use flashlights and make shadow puppets on the inside of the fort walls. Put together puzzles or play games inside your fort. Have fort building contests with your children. Who can build the biggest/best fort. Use your imagination and let your children leave the fort up all day! 
  • Have a picnic party. Go outside and have a picnic! Maybe you don't have a yard. Go take your picnic to your local park. Maybe take a nature walk.Collect leaves/nuts whatever you find on your walk.
  • Have an Animal party. You all can be party animals! Dress your children to be whatever animal they want to be. Face painting would be fun.Walk around pretending to be different animals. This could be fun inside or outside.  If you really want to go wild, visit a nearby zoo!
  • (As a papercrafter I have to say this one)Have a card making party. Use construction paper or cardstock whatever you have on hand. Let your children draw, cut, glue things on their cards and write a message on the inside for someone they love. Then the best part, take them to the post office to mail the cards!
  • Whatever you do just keep the fun atmosphere of your party, and you will have a great time too!
It's Party time!


  1. What cool ideas!!!! Love it a party everyday... without breaking the bank! =)

  2. Our attitude makes all the difference doesn't it! Love all the great ideas!

  3. Yeah gumballs. I like bubble blowing contests even as an adult. LOL


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