Monday, April 16, 2012

BoogieWipes Review and Giveaway~by Beck

I've been very happy to get the opportunity to do this review for Boogie Wipes. I've been a fan of Boogie Wipes since before my son was born. I had noticed a pack of the wipes in the store and picked them up just because I thought the name was funny. After reading the package, I learned they actually have Saline built right into the wipe. Perfect for runny/sore noses. I thought the idea behind Boogie Wipes was genius. I wish I would have thought of it! 

Due to the fact my son has been sick quite often since he was about 10 months old, we've been using Boogie Wipes for some time now.
His favorite scent has always been the Great Grape Scent. The wipes are so soft, and gentle that when my son got a little older he would go get them for himself.(even when he didn't have a runny nose) I think he just liked smelling the grape scent. I really like it too, and to be honest I've used them for myself many times! Who doesn't like a little something special when you feel yucky? I know I do. My nose appreciates the special care too. Sometimes when you're sick, your nose goes through times of being too dry. The Boogie Wipes are great for that too, since the Saline moisturizes your sore nose. 

Since I'm always a sucker for anything travel-sized. I love these travel sized Boogie Wipes. They are perfect to throw into your purse or diaper bag. I used to keep these in the diaper bag at all times. It works really well for those unexpected runny nose moments.

There are so many fun things going on right now for us Boogie Wipes fans!

  • They have a  NEW 90 Count canisters that available now at, and most major retailers like Target, Walmart and Babies R Us.

  •  There is also an on-going promotion called Save The Sleeve!  It’s a fun, interactive way for kids to learn to put their boogies in a Boogie Wipe and not on their sleeves!  You can learn more at .

  •  TEACHER KITS: Perfect for classroom boogies!  This kit contains 2 – 90 count canisters (1 Grape, 1 Fresh), 2 – 30 count packs (Grape, Fresh), 1 classroom poster, 50 samples, and 50 Boogie coupons.  It is available, exclusively, for schools, daycares, and professional facilities.  For purchase information please visit:  LittleBusyBodies .

If you would like to learn more about Boogie Wipes, you can go to 
If you would like to join the Boogie Bunch you can go Here!

Boogie Wipes are so great about wanting to help all the little noses, they are sponsoring a Giveaway for all The Mommy Island fans!  
This Giveaway is open to readers in the US, Canada and Australia. 
Use the Rafflecopter below to enter!

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  1. Dontcha just love the name of this product? And the great part is that they work! Where were these when we were young?!? :D

  2. Wow these seem awesome!! Wish i had these when my kids were little!!!

  3. I totally could have used these this past weekend when I was in that phase of being sick. Saw them at the store yesterday but I don't need them now so I didn't pick them up but I am so tired of my nose getting raw so I will be getting some of these next time.

  4. We are a huge fan of Boogie Wipes and Now they have the Puffs wipes. I love the little packs makes it really easy to get caught up.

  5. I got a free sample and my husband loved them. Thank you for your review.

  6. (BoogieWipes Review and Giveaway~by Beck) These are real handy to have for any babies, my daughter-in-law uses these for my grandson for his nose.

  7. never heard of these before but definitely going to look into them because in this house or travel we always need them loll Thanks for share

  8. I absolutely love this product! They are a must have in my purse!

  9. These sound great with 3 little ones I need to carry these everywhere

  10. A friend of mine had these and they worked great. Thanks for the review.

  11. These are so cute and kids love them I'm sure. Thanks for a great review!

  12. I love Boogie wipes, I won some about a year ago and I have been buying them ever since, When you have 8 grandchildren you need all the help you can get..

  13. I really love these...keep some on hand at all times. Hate snotty noses ;)

  14. I have never tried them but I hear good things about them.


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