Wolfie's Story

This is the story of my dog, his name was Wolfie.
Back when I was still living at home with my parents I believe I was 22 or 23 years old, my parents and I were all in my dad's truck going to town to eat out. My parents live out in the country, on a very curvy, and hilly road. We had rounded a curve and were headed up a hill when we all spotted him in the road, he was laying in a pool of his own blood. It was Wolf. "Awwee" we all exclaimed in unison at the sight of him. He looked like a coyote pup, probably hit while crossing the road. My dad swerved to go around him, we all thought he was dead. To our amazement as my dad was driving past, the pup raised his head and whimpered. With the windows down my dad heard him, and slammed on his breaks. The pup was still alive. Dad put the truck in reverse to go back. I immediately started saying we have to save him, but dad told me he might just need to be put out of his misery. We jumped out and dad was looking at all the blood, and told me not to get my hopes up. My mom dialed the vets office on her cell phone, and dad was putting the pup in the bed of the truck. I jumped in the back with the pup. Mom and Dad both thought I should get back in the front, so I wouldn't be covered in his blood. I just couldn't imagine leaving him back there alone, what if he died? All alone. No, I sat in the back with him and held his head, and telling him he would be okay.    I would take care of him.

After looking him over the veterinarian  thought he might have brain damage. He let us know that the injuries the pup had sustained were probably from being thrown out of a moving vehicle. (can you believe the cruelty?) He had a couple of his teeth knocked out, but since they were puppy teeth the vet thought it would be alright. Extensive swelling on his jaw and face had caused his snout to look like it was off-set. It wasn't until all the swelling went down we could tell he was alright. He had an injured leg, but they thought with time it would heal on it's own.

There was some debate on whether he was a coyote pup or not, and if he might be brain damaged, due to the fact he would growl at all the nice worker's and my own mom when she went to visit him. I wasn't able to go see him until two days after rescuing him, since I was working a lot of hours at my 2 jobs at the time.When I was finally able to go visit him, my mom was there trying to talk sweetly to him in the small little kennel he was in. He had turned all the way around, and was growling at her with his nose shoved far into the corner. It was just like he was trying to block everyone out by not being able to see them. My mom turned to me and said, don't get too excited, he's been growling at everyone. I remember saying, " oh he won't growl at me, he knows I love him." When he heard my voice, his little tail started wagging and he turned to look at me. I walked right up to the kennel and he started scooting himself around, and he licked my hand, and leaned his head on my arm. I looked at my mom and said, "see." He was my dog.  The vet's bill would have been astronomical, but they knew I was going to be taking in a dog someone else threw away, so they cut me a great deal.(thankful for that)

He came home with us, and had to be kept inside with lots of attention, since he couldn't get up on his own since his leg was injured. We would take him out and hold him up so he could go to the bathroom. He was housebroke really fast. When his leg was better he would play, and jump up on my bed and just lay there. As time went on he grew strong, but mostly he just grew, and grew. He grew to be a big dog, with huge amounts of fur, and energy! He was beautiful! With one brown eye, and one blue eye, he had a striking appearance. He loved to cause some mischief, and he LOVED the snow. He was known to catch a duck or two from the neighbor's pond. The neighbor was not happy about this fact, and started opening a window shooting him with a bb gun to keep him from getting all their ducks.(There wasn't much force behind the pellets just enough to sting him) Wolfie got wise to the neighbor, and would run when he heard the window opening!