Reuseit Lunch Boxes ~my Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to do a review for Reuseit they make some great lunch boxes. I've seen a lot of buzz about their re-useable sandwich and snack bags, so that is what I chose for this review. There were so many unique and cute options for children's lunch bags, but my little guy isn't in school yet. I chose something my whole family could use, and some my husband wouldn't be embarrassed to pull out of his lunchbox at work. I chose the sandwich and snack bag set in the colors brown/slateblue. You can take a look at the set I chose on their site, by clicking here.

 I received my re-usable bags in the mail, I was thrilled to see the ~Made in the USA~ label stitched right on the front of each bag. This is something you don't see much anymore, and I'm happy to see that tag proudly stitched on these bags. Brown is one of my favorite colors, so I loved that the brown and blue were true to the colors shown on their site. If you notice in my photos there is a tiny design on the bags, classic and neutral. I'm not good with telling sizes, so even though the sizes were clearly posted on the their site, it was hard for me to judge how big they would really be. I was pleasantly surprised that these were very generous sizes, the smaller snack sizes hold a lot of snack. I filled one with carrots, and it would be enough carrots for my whole family. 

When it came to the sandwich bag, there was lots of room to spare. Sliding my sandwiches in and out of the bag was easy, and sandwiches with much thicker bread would still fit in these re-usable bags. The stitching seemed to be great quality, and I believe these will last our family a long time. Great product, with many uses. I highly recommend Reuseit's products. ~ Becky


  1. These bags look like they would be a good way to save a little money on baggies and they are cute. I had not heard of these before.

  2. Love these bags, Thanks for the awesome review

    Kristie Betts


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