Friday, July 20, 2012

Schylling Toys~ My review of the Scuttle Bug!

I couldn't wait to receive the toys for review from Schylling. Schylling is a toy manufacturer and distributor with a wonderful online shop. I was drawn to them, because of their fun vintage line of toys. After receiving the toys for review, I now know they have so much more than just vintage inspired toys. 

 The people behind the name: "Schylling was founded in 1975 by Jack Schylling, a recent Harvard grad who felt he wasn’t cut out for office work. He began selling toys as a street vendor at Quincy Market, and grew Schylling into a 60-person company that includes two of his brothers, David (the chief executive) and Tom (the chief financial officer)." Information thanks to
 Jack Schylling sounds like someone I could relate to. Starting with a dream, and turning it into a reality. What a fun dream, selling TOYS!  

The Booper was my faithful helper in doing this review, and he didn't complain! Let me say, for a two year old..that's rare.

 Let me introduce you to the Scuttle Bug made by Quicksmart TM. This fun ride-on toy has my son scuttling all over the place. I pulled this toy out of the box, and the Booper's mouth dropped open, it was like Christmas in July. The Scuttle Bug comes fully assembled which is always great. The time between pulling it out of the box, to him riding it, was short. Right away the Booper noticed the cute Bug face on the front, and kept pointing out the eyes to me. He couldn't wait to ride the Bug. We were inside, and he rode it all around our living room. With no peddles the rider simply scoots with their feet to scuttle around. He easily got on and off, turning the handle bar and scooting to where he wanted to go.

With the small wheels and compact design, it folds and unfolds with ease. I think the Booper was just as impressed by how it would fold up as I was. He kept asking for me to fold it, and then would immediately want it unfolded so he could hop on again.(we don't have a helmet, but the instructions do recommend that your child wear safety protection)
Want to see how easily this folds and unfolds? Take a look at my video below.

Here is the Scuttle Bug in action thanks to the Booper. 
I had to laugh, he hears a train while I'm filming and asks me if it's a diesel. This kid loves trains!

Scuttle Bug Features:
  • Light weight~ weighing in at only 4.2 lbs this toy is easy to carry for you or your child. 
  • Easy Folds ~ for storage or travel
  • Non Marking Wheels~ great for indoor or outdoor play
  • Comes in Red or Blue
  • Ages 2-4 holds up to 44 lbs max. 
 The Booper gives this toy his mark of approval, and I have to agree. Cute Toy, Great Features, Reasonable Price, Hours of Fun.
Thank you for reading my review of the Scuttle Bug. Just one of many amazing toys that can be found on 
Stay tuned for a way to win the Scuttle Bug along with 2 other fun Toys from Schylling!


  1. Why is it all the cool toys come out now that I'm an adult?

  2. I love this Scuttle Bug!!! Looks like the Booper does too. Going to check out what other toys they have too. Thanks for the great review!!! =)

  3. This toy is so cute and it looks like the Booper enjoys it!

  4. Oh wow what a cool toy, I would love to have one for my 3 year old!

  5. That is the cutest little bike I have ever seen,thank you for the review my daughter would love one of these.

  6. This looks so fun. Thank you for this review.

  7. I love that they can use this toy for a few years. It's cute too!

  8. This has to be the strangest bike I've seen. I love the way it looks and it looks like your little one is having a blast on that thing.

  9. So cool!! This looks like so much fun!! What a great size!! Love the no marking wheels so you can use it inside or outside!!!

  10. (Schylling Toys~ My review of the Scuttle Bug!) Wow! This little bike sounds great for my grandson. I know he would have a lot of fun on this.

  11. Love this review, such a fun toy, I know my grandsons would love it!

  12. What a neat toy for kids. I think I would have loved this a kid myself haha. My niece would have a blast.

  13. I've never seen this neat! Our Eli would love it!

  14. The Scuttle Bug looks so cute. i enjoyed your review on this great mobile scooter for the little ones.

  15. These look so fun. It also is great that they can ride on these a few years.

  16. This looks like a safe fun riding toy for toddlers! They can ride it and handle it because of its size - their size!
    I like that it folds up too. Easy storage and easy to take on a road trip.


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