Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rubbermaid Lunch Blox~ My Review

I'm honored that I was given the opportunity to review Rubbermaid's new Lunch Blox. They sent me this set for free to test and review and share my opinions with all of my wonderful Mommy Island readers.

Getting something for free is always fun, but when it's something we can really use, that makes it even better. My husband packs his lunch for work every day, so these little blox are so handy. The set I received came with 1 sandwich container, 1 side, and 2 small size containers( what I consider dip size), and 1 blue ice pack. The very cool thing about these blox is they all snap together. Snapping these lunch blox containers was a piece of cake, and kind of fun to see how many different combinations I could come up with. I've seen interlocking lunch containers before, but I love that these came with a blue ice pack! There have been many times when my husband was packing his lunch box, he had to re-arrange everything several times so all his food containers and the ice-packs would all fit. Now, with these ingenious lunch blox from Rubbermaid, the puzzle fits together nicely. 

Rubbermaid LunchBlox - Lunch Containers
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  •  Modular containers snap together to save space in your lunch bag
  • Kit includes specially designed Blue Ice™ pack that works with LunchBlox containers to keep lunches chilled on the go
  •  Containers are perfectly portioned for lunch foods commonly carried away from home
  • Microwave-, dishwasher- and freezer-safe and BPA-free!
  •  The Sandwich Kit includes a sandwich container sized for regular and specialty breads, two snack containers (perfect for yogurt or nuts) and a snack container (perfect for fruits, vegetables and chips)
  • Suggested Retail Price $12.99 (Though retailers may set their own price) 

Here is a fun video for you to see the Blox in action.

You may visit Rubbermaid on their facebook page here. or follow on Twitter @rubbermaid

Thank You, for reading my review of Rubbermaid's Lunch Blox! Pack Happy Lunches!~Beck

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  1. Thank you for sharing. what a great review!

  2. Those containers look perfect for my son's lunches!

  3. These look perfect for my hubby's lunch!! Thank you for the review--- I am going to have to go get one:)

  4. These boxes look perfect for my husband's lunches!

  5. Love modular boxes because they fit together. And Rubbermaid is such a high-quality brand. Great review.

  6. I love this brand and have tried the lunchblox as well. My kids are using them now that school has started.

  7. Seriously, I think that I am addicted to my lunch box. My husband uses his, kids take it on the go. This will be awesome to use when the kiddos go back to school as well. Awesome Review

  8. Rubbermaid has great products. I do not trust any other brand!

  9. I am loving this lunch box! Great for the hubs.

  10. I am going to have to check this out. Love this idea!

  11. i like these better than the baggies

  12. I will have 2 kids in school and a hubby who needs a packed lunch these look awesoem for making packing lunch easy

  13. I still do the P&B brown bag thing, old school.


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