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Being a mom to the Booper, I know there is no one else in his life that will be more of a cheerleader for his success than his dad and I. We want only the best of everything for our son. When it comes to his learning, we wish for only the highest standards, as does any involved parent. We want to give him as many tools as possible to achieve his success. The Booper is only two, so his school days haven't started yet.
 I chose to review this program Kidzmet a playbook for learning, for all the moms, dads and caregivers that are like my husband and I, and want only the very best for their child. 

Opening up the small three ring binder that is the personal playbook for learning, I couldn't wait to dig in to this program and see what I could learn as a mother, and as a school volunteer.  The introduction was brief and to the point. I knew right away this program is written in a way we can all understand. Even the cover offered a sports playbook styling that had a fun appeal. The colorful chapter sections, were all easy to read, and each offered a refreshing way to help your child reach their full potential as a student, and in life.

Finding your child's personality type, what a great place to start. I was intrigued to read views and opinions that coincide with my own long standing beliefs that we all learn differently.  Learning the characteristics of your child's personality will help put you ahead of the game.
Is your child an:
  • Introvert
  • Intuitive
  • Judging 
Possibly your child is a mixture of one or more. We are all composed differently and have different learning styles. I loved reading the different characteristics of personality and I could see I have a mixture of more than one. I'm amazed looking back at my own education experience, I can draw an exact line between my success as a student and when my personality characteristics were being fed properly. 

So we move on to Getting Organized. I found this section most helpful. This section brought up the subject of work space, and how it affects our learning performance, and our productivity. This is so true, even in adulthood. When my workspace is in order, I feel energized to get my work done, and that doesn't exactly mean everything is clean. (if you've ever noted my scrapbooking space is a mess, but it provides the creative flow I need for those types of projects) Our children are no different, find what space works well for your child, and make sure it's available to them when they are ready to study.

There are many great sections in this program I would love to highlight all of them, but for space I want to just mention 2 more. The next section I really was able to glean some knowledge from was Motivation and Underachievement. I know why this section really caught my attention, I've seen this lack of motivation in so many children I've been around...and I was one of them at more than one point in my school days. Frustration of not understanding one thing can lead to lack of motivation to try anything. As parents we have to be pro-active in motivating our children and stopping underachievement before it takes it's hold. If you've already been seeing the signs of underachievement in your child, you could truly gain from using this program.
Included with the Kidzmet Playbook for learning:
  •  The Personalized Playbook- 3 ring binder
  • 101 Learning Activities- book
  •  Printable Templates-on disc
The last section I want to highlight, and discuss is Teacher Communication. How important is it for everyone to be on the same page? Do you know what your child's teacher's teaching methods are? When should you bring up a problem with your child's teacher, the next parent/teacher conference? These are all the questions being answered in this section. Great information on how to communicate effectively with your child's teachers, plus the added bonus of how to tell your child's teacher you are willing to carry some of the load.
Are you willing to carry some of the load? You might be a homeschooling parent, and carry the full load. Either way, in my opinion this program offers some great knowledge along with the tools to put everything you learn into practice. In this review I was able to hightlight just a few of the great benefits of this program. If you would like to learn more or to purchase the Kidzmet Playbook for your child
 please visit Kidzmet.

Though I was given this program for free for the purposes of review, all views and opinions are my own honest evaluations. See Disclosure.


  1. This sounds very interesting!! I agree, I tell my kids to reach for the STARS!! They deserve the BEST!!!

  2. That sounds really awesome! I'm a home educator and use many tools for my boys. I'll have to check this out. Thank you.

  3. That would be so much fun to learn my kids personalities!


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