Newman's Own Organic {a review my whole family could enjoy}

I'm not always good about making healthy choices when it comes to what my family eats, but I try to sneak in some goodness when I can. Little by little we are making changes to add more organic foods to our diet, and steering clear of over processed foods that are full of chemicals.

When given the opportunity to review some products for Newman's Own Organics, I learned some great things about their company. Started in 1993 by Nell Newman and business partner Peter Meehan, pretzels were this company's debut line. What a way to start!

Our family had a chance to try some of the crunchy organic pretzels, and to me they just tasted like a good pretzel. These Unsalted Pretzel Rounds pictured to the left, had a great crunch and featured their signature letter N design. A great snack we enjoyed while watching some football.

Newman-O's were fun for our whole family. I loved the peanutbutter filled, my husband like the regular creme filled, the Booper loved them all.
The cookies were good, they had to be the Booper's favorites for sure, but I think I would have to give Nell Newman a hug for adding chocolate to their line of products in 1995. Nell you are a woman after my own heart! My favorite of the signature series chocolate bars was the Espresso Dark Chocolate. (No, I didn't share.) The smooth, dark chocolate paired with the intense Espresso, was a mix I would have liked to review more.

My biggest surprise was the Licorice. I had never thought about finding an organic licorice, and definitely wouldn't have expected it would taste so good.  Our whole family couldn't get enough of the Sour Flavors, Apple being my favorite. The Booper loved licking all the sweet sugary crystals off before eating his, and he let me know, "It's good, Mom!"
I enjoyed the taste of the Hermits, though the Booper was not as pleased. I don't think it's what he expected when I asked if he wanted a cookie. The Hermits made me think of a robust spice cake. They were soft, and fluffy.
I have to honestly say, I did not taste the Fig Newmans, since the package mysteriously turned up empty. I would say that means my husband enjoyed them. Out of the Raisins, Prunes, and Apricots, the Apricots were my favorite. I liked the raisins as well, but the prunes just didn't do it for me. I'm not sure it was the taste, as much as the texture was kind of strange for me, I can be weird that way.

The mints were all good, with the cinnamon mints in the tin being my favorite flavor, and my preferred form of packaging. I love the little tins on both the mints. They had a unique and cool design, besides the mints were really good. Not sure how long the mints will last, but I will keep the tins afterwards to reuse for my small scrapbooking accessories.
Some of the other great organic lines include: Popcorn, Coffee, and Pet food.

Their slogan is, "Great tasting products that happen to be organic." and I would have to agree. These are products I would purchase, and feel good about feeding to my family. Not only does it make me feel good their products are organic, I also love the fact that as a company they give back in many forms of charity.
Thanks for reading my review of Newman's Own Organic. ~Becky

I was given all the above mentioned products free for review. All views and opinions are my own honest evaluations, See Disclosure

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  1. Those Newman-O's sound so yummy! So many organic products I didn't realize they had! =)


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