Busy Bodies!

Never turn your back on a toddler! They are sneaky, devious, crafty, outrageous, little busy bodies!

 This is a picture of our bathroom sink after the Booper had his fun wasting a brand new tube of toothpaste. He had "painted" our sink and all the areas he could reach with his step stool (which was how he got to the toothpaste to begin with). He used the toothpaste and "painted" the back side of the bathroom door as well. This took me several wipes just to get the top layer, then I used a hot wet rag to get the rest cleaned up. His hands face and hair were covered and he had some toothpaste on his shirt too.

 I don't always take pictures of his "Artwork" but I had to catch a shot of this because I was laughing a little about it. The fact that it wasn't on the carpet or on anything that couldn't be cleaned helped me keep my humor about it.

What is the most devious thing your toddler has done?
 Were you able to laugh about it or did it make you sit down and cry? 
(which I admit some of the Booper's messes have made me do)
Leave me a comment, sometimes sharing our stories helps us laugh it off!

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  1. My youngest got into some make-up one time and she smeared it all over the house! It was a big mess! I can laugh about it now but not so much that day.


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