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"A riveting story of love and desperation, greed and redemption."
Crashers by Lindy S Hudis
Following the characters Nathan and Shari, you are pulled into their love story of bright hopes for a great future together. As the story unfolds a series of events lead this young couple to desperation as their lives seem to be falling apart and their future not looking as bright as it once did. They happen upon a darker character Bryce who only portrays the shiny wealth of his darker side, and the young couple are pulled into his under world of greed, fraud and danger. When money is on short supply Nathan and Shari start to point the finger of blame at each other. Out of desperation to save their relationship and the life they've dreamed of, they take to the streets as Bryce's newest recruits.  My sympathies were with the couple until somewhere in the story I began to care more about the dark character Bryce. Bryce's background story compels you to want him to find an escape from his fraud ring bosses.

 I found myself loathing the character Shari, and hoping she would be caught. Her attitude that the universe owed her a better future simply because she wanted it, didn't appeal to me. Karma and bad luck seem to get the blame for all Nathan and Shari's troubles when poor choices are never considered a factor in Shari's mind. 

The depth of the characters introduced throughout this story cause you to want to know more about them. I could easily read a series on the young detective Louise. Her fearless determination to catch the bad guy and uncover the Insurance fraud ring, had me wanting to follow her story.  I found all of the characters easy to picture in my mind, and found this story to be an easy page turner. Proving that the dark side has it's own appeal. The ending of this story held it's own surprises...what happens? Well, you'll just have to read "Crashers" and find out!~Becky

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Author Bio

Lindy S. Hudis is a graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She is the author of a suspense novel, Weekends. Her screenplay “The Lesson” was made into an independent film and was screened at the Seattle Independent Film Festival and Cine-Nights in 2000. She lives in California with her husband and two children.

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 The Mommy Island received this book to review through Moms With Voices Media, all views and opinions are my own honest evaluations of this book.


  1. Great review Becky, the ending sounds intriguing!!

  2. OHHH! This sounds like a great read! Love books that let you know why the darker character is the way they are.... usually find myself hoping they don't get caught. lol Can't wait to dive into this one. Thanks for the review. =)

  3. I think I would love this one! Going to buy it on E Book, thanks for providing the link.

  4. This book sounds so interesting.. My son would love it.. Thanks for sharing! I am putting it on the must have list.


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