Keep Warm and Cozy!

It's December and for many parts of the country that means it's getting cold outside. Living in an older home my husband gets the fun job of keeping our boiler in good repair. At the start of the colder months he always does a thorough check up of our boiler before we start it up for the year. I thank God I have a husband who knows how to do those mechanical type of things, because I don't have a clue!
 We sometimes use alternative sources of heat such as electric heaters on the bitter cold days. You should always use extra precaution, to make sure all your heaters are in good working order before using them each season.

If you find a problem and need heater parts you should check with They offer many types of heater parts from transformers to pumps and wicks, they want to keep you comfortable this Winter. When it comes to keeping your family warm and cozy, you want to know your heater is in good working condition to have uninterrupted heat through the cold months.

Old heater completely shot? That's alright, also carries many types of new heaters. If your holiday fun takes you outdoors, they carry radiant patio heaters and the parts to fix them!

Whatever your plans for this Winter season keep your family warm and cozy with the heater parts from, because baby it's Cold outside! ~Becky

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