Alphabet Anatomy {children's book review}

I received this book free for the purpose of review all views and opinions are my own honest evaluations. See Disclosure.
I love finding new children's books that have a purpose. Reading to the Booper is always fun, but when the book engages him I go into "teacher mode" where I get all excited about teaching him new concepts. The Booper has been excited about letters and the alphabet for a while now, and when we pulled out this new book from the package he was excited to read Alphabet Anatomy:Meet the Capital Letters by Linda Jones.

 At first the Booper just wanted to look at his new book alone. He is very independent now so I try to give him some space. After a while of looking and "reading" by himself he was ready for me to sit down with him and read the book together. We met each letter of the Alphabet and learned about their individual anatomy with a fun little poem. I loved that this book is large in size, much bigger than all his little alphabet board books. Each letter has it's own page with large illustrations by Branson Jones depicting the letter and the poem. This book is great because while reading each poem describing the anatomy of a letter your child will learn the shape and have a lasting memory tool to help them when they start writing. I had several illustrations that were my favorite, but the Booper loved the letter S which was a snake.
Deep concentration as he reads his new book for the first time.

When we had read through Alphabet Anatomy several times we started a fun game where we trace the letters with our fingers as we read the poem. The Booper found this to be a fun game and I think it's great reinforcing the shapes of the letters. My little guy is only three but I can already tell that he is remembering many of his letters. My sister came over for a visit the other day and the Boop pointed out a couple of his magnetic letters on the refrigerator, so my sister asked him where another letter was to test him. He pointed straight at the letter she asked for. I was a proud momma! I highly recommend this book for preschoolers and for children in school who might be struggling to learn the shape of their letters. This book is a fun way to make letter shapes a game, and take stress away from learning. With each of the darling capital letters smiling back at them learning their letters will make them smile too.

About the Author

Linda Jones
Linda Jones is the mother of four talented sons ages 17-27, and the wife of a handsome firefighter. She began writing poetry in 1978 and sold several titles commercially in the scrapbooking market. Alphabet Anatomy is her first series of children's books. When asked what inspired her to write Meet the Capital Letters, Jones says it was quite by accident.She wrote the verses ten years ago while helping her youngest son (Branson) practice his letter writing skills, but tucked the verses away in a file cabinet.She recently discovered them while cleaning out the cabinet and asked Branson (who by then had demonstrated exceptional artistic talent) if he could make some drawings. Branson brought the letters to life, and Jones brought a mock book to the local library. The librarian praised the book and told Jones that parents had often asked for an alphabet book instructing on how to write the letters but she had not known of any. Jones was encouraged to move forward with publishing and Alphabet Anatomy was born. Jones says it has long been her desire to do something to make a positive difference in the world. If she can accomplish that goal by helping children embrace and master these vital skills, no matter how small a part, she will be most humbled and thrilled beyond comprehension. ~Thanks to FriesenPress
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  1. This is really great. I love how you made such an educational book even more educational. My fiance has two nephews, 1 and 3, so I will definitely keep this in mind when their next birthday comes! Thanks for the great review.

  2. I wish I would of heard about this a year ago! Alphabet Anatomy would of been great for my girls! I wonder if the author has any other books that can be used for older kids, it looks really fun to read but my girls already know their letters (K & 1st grade)

  3. That's really neat. My daughter is 3 and we do a little bit with letters and we need to do more. This book looks like it would be great


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