1:Face Watch {Sweet Relish Review}

I love finding unique products with cool design and awesome purpose. When I was asked by Sweet Relish to review the 1:Face Watch I couldn't say no for a couple of reasons. This watch was just my style, and the cause this watch represents is close to my heart.

I received the product mentioned here free for the purpose of review. All views and opinions are my own honest evaluations. See Disclosure.

I'm a window shopper. I do lots of online shopping and looking for the most unique and exciting products just so I can know what's on trend. I like to see what is out there and know what designers are coming up with for us to wear, decorate with and use in our lives. When Sweet Relish emailed me about the 1:Face Watch, I had to visit their site and do some window shopping. I breezed through their site looking at the 1:Face watches, adorable children's hooded bath towels, sunglasses, backpacks and more. How did I not know about this before? They feature some awesome stuff. I love products that have a retro vibe, and to find something new that I haven't seen before gives me a thrill. With Sweet Relish discovering new brands and innovative products is just a click away. They definitely make my list of favorite online shops.

More about 1:Face and why I chose the watch in pink. First of all pink is really growing on me. I never cared for pink when I was younger my favorite color is green, but I'm noticing myself choosing pink more and more. Pink represents Breast Cancer Awareness, and the fight against Breast Cancer. It represents all our loved ones that have fought, are fighting, and those we've had to say goodbye to because of Breast Cancer. I could start listing names of all those I know affected, and I'm sure you could too. So I chose the 1:Face Watch in pink for them, and for me because I now love pink. Each of the 1:Face watches represents a cause and for each watch purchased that cause is supported.
You can choose from these great causes:

  • Aids
  • Cancer
  • Hunger 
  • Environment
  • Water
  • Breast Cancer
  • Education

You can see from my pictures the watch is a great design. I love the large soft band, and that it's super easy to put on. There are plenty of holes for size adjustment, and I think I have a large wrist but there was still plenty of spaces left. These watches are unisex, so you and your whole family could match and support the cause closest to your heart. When you're not pressing the button to see the time, the face is a reflective mirror. I turned my wrist to get a shot of the large blooms on my bedroom wall, so you could see how reflective the face is, and note the 1:Face logo. The packaging is awesome, it shows how 14 pink watches equal 1 potentially life saving mammogram. Sweet right? Not just a watch it's a conversation starter. In the short time I've been wearing my 1:Face watch I've had so many people ask me where I got it, and why it had a little face on it. I love telling about what my watch represents and why it's pink.

If you're looking for a fun and fashionable way to show support for the causes close to your heart get a 1:Face watch at Sweet Relish. Wear your pink proud and help support the fight against Breast Cancer. Find this and more unique and trendy products at Sweet Relish.

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  1. Love this, I'm going to have to get the breast cancer one for me, my mom and my sister.

  2. Neat product with a great reminder!

  3. Those watches are really cute, and I love that you would be supporting a great cause while enjoying a super cool watch! =)

  4. These are pretty neat! I also love their barrels, great for Father's Day!

  5. How neat! My favorite color is pink so I would LOVE this! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love this watch! It is so cute and I love that you can promote a cause by wearing it!

  7. im a HUGE supporter of breast cancer research! i lost my mom to it in 2007. she was only 49

    1. Jamie, so very sorry to read about you losing your mom. ((hugs)) A dear friend of mine also lost her mother to breast cancer, she was in her 40's as well. We will just keep wearing pink in their honor until there's a cure. <3

  8. such a great way to support many great causes they should have an animal cause in there for me

  9. i have one of these! just haven't used it yet haha

  10. that is cool i like the size it can be seen the number adn then thepic

  11. Wow, I really like it! Very cool concept as well and a great way to support any cause....love it!

  12. This is an awesome product! I would love one too!


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