Dry and Smiling! BabyGanics Review

I was given these diapers free for the purpose of review. All views and opinions are my own honest evaluations and those who helped with this review.
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First things first let me just say my helper for this review is absolutely adorable! Little miss Addison got to help me test out these 'green' Rear Gear Ultra Absorbent Diapers from BabyGanics. Anyone who has children knows how expensive disposable diapers can be, and finding 'green' diapers at a reasonable price when the Booper was a baby was impossible. I was the type that had there been a less expensive choice for a diaper better for the environment and the Boop of course I would have purchased them. The options for eco-friendly disposables just weren't easily found, and when I found them the prices made me cringe. We just couldn't afford to go green with the Booper's diapers. Then I also worried since his skin is so sensitive would the green diapers make him break out? What if I paid a small fortune for a pack of diapers then he couldn't use them? Well, it's too late for the Booper since he is now potty training, so when I was asked to review these diapers for BabyGanics, I had to enlist some help from a friend.

This is my second review for BabyGanics and I have to say I'm loving how down-to-earth this company is. They make 'green' work in the real world for busy moms and dads which is pretty much all parents. Started by two dads (Kevin and Keith)  who realized that parents were looking for products that were not only 'green' but also gentle for babies and still effective. What makes the Rear Gear diapers different from other eco-friendly disposable diapers? Well several things starting with their BioCore made with Neo-nourish complex. What is the Neo-nourish complex you ask? Well this will be an easy one since I can actually read these ingredients! Made with Tomato, Black Cumin, Red Raspberry, Sunflower and Cranberry the Neo-nourish seed oils help protect Addison's skin naturally. Soft stretch sides and stitching around the leg help to keep Addison comfy and guard against leaks. I received a package of size 5 diapers which is slightly bigger than what Addison normally wears, but her mommy said the diapers seemed to keep her dry, comfy and so far no leaks! As you can see in the picture she is showing her silly face and happy to model her cuteness for a couple pictures.

You might remember from my last review the funny commercial for BabyGanics. I love a company with a sense of humor and this commercial had me laughing and it makes you think too. Watch and Enjoy!

Easy to find BabyGanics products are sold at Babies R Us, and you will find their Rear Gear diapers starting at just $11.99 a pack. Not only are these great for the environment and your baby, but they are easy on your budget too. Helping moms bring helping the earth back down to earth. Thanks BabyGanics!

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  1. I love BabyGanics! I haven't tried the diapers but we use their Eczema wash, sunscreen, toothpaste, and their fabric & nursery freshener. I can't wait to try out more :)

  2. Hi Allison! I've also tried out the Fine and Dandy hand and face wipes. The wipes were great and really were quite handy. :)

  3. I haven't tried those yet but will mention to my cousins!


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