UPERE Wedge Sneaker Review

I was given these sneakers for free for the purpose of review. All views and opinions are my own honest evaluations. See Disclosure.
The one thing I've always loved shopping for is shoes, so when UPERE contacted me about reviewing their wedge sneakers I was thrilled. There is just something magical about wearing a new pair of shoes. If you're like me then you're of the opinion you can never own too many shoes! I don't have as many pairs of shoes as I had back when I was a teenager, but I still love having shoes that fit my style. For review I chose these suede leather Aster Wedge Sneakers in navy blue.

Browsing through UPERE's site I was in love with several different wedge sneaker styles, but the muted colors of the Aster design fit me well. The star detailing also caught my eye stitched in leather between the crossing leather stripes the star gives these sneakers a fun distinction. When the sneakers arrived I was impressed by the attention given to packaging. These shoes were handled with much care. Inside the outer bag the box was wrapped then I opened the box to find each show in a cloth bag. Inside the cloth bag each sneaker was also wrapped with a thin foam covering to keep the leather safe from damage.
How my shoes looked when they arrived from UPERE.

With three outer Velcro straps and one inside the tongue of the shoe these sneakers had a very secure fit. I chose the size 38 which is a 7.5 in US sizing. I can wear a size 7.5-8.5 depending on how shoes are made and these fit me well. Having a hidden 2 inch heel I was surprised by how comfortable they were. My heel felt really cushioned and I didn't feel any pinching in my toes. I loved the added height they gave me without the appearance of wearing heels. My feet did start to ache after wearing these for a long time, but you have to realize I'm not used to wearing heels ever. I know back when I was younger I would have rocked these shoes all day with no problem, now I can wear them to go out for a while and be good to go. If you want a little added height or you just love the style of wedge sneakers you need to check out all the color choices and style designs on UPERE! I'm loving these Aster design shoes and plan to wear them many more times. With precise attention to detail, and fun unique designs I feel UPERE has the quality to match their selection. 

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  1. Thank you for doing a good review for UPERE, it's very happy to work with you. Hope you enjoy our shoes.

  2. I have never owned a pair of wedge sneakers. That's really cool that the heel is hidden!

  3. I've never heard of wedge sneakers before, but it would be nice to have the extra height without actually seeing the heel.


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