5 Ways to Save on Scrapbooking Supplies

Being the certified scrapaholic that I am, even when I don't have time to scrapbook I enjoy seeing the new tools and supplies that come out in stores. I used to have a problem buying up supplies left and right and I discovered there were certain embellishments I loved to buy, but would never use. Buttons. I do love them. They are so adorable-cute as a button! Except when it comes to creating my scrapbook layouts and making my pages for an album. I never use the buttons. I now know and recognize that I love to actually use brads and eyelets. For me they are just easier to attach and way more useful in my opinion. Which brings me to the first way to save on scrapbooking supplies.

Be honest with yourself. 
Some of the cutest supplies I have sit in storage, because they are not the types of things I really use. I've noticed most paper crafters seem to have a style. We are creatures of habit and tend to use the same types of embellishments again and again. Don't shrug it off- embrace what you love, and remember when shopping for new supplies. Sure those buttons look cute, but now I know not to buy them and to move towards the brads and eyelets. Spending my supply budget wisely saves me money.

Avoid the kit trap. 
I have to admit when I started scrapbooking I was sucked into buying several kits. Later when I sat down at home I looked at all my supplies and realized the kit didn't include an adhesive. I was now the owner of 2 sheets of pretty paper and a million dazzling jewels. Don't be fooled by the kit! As crafters we can be glamoured by all the pretty little things in a box, but make sure to look at the contents and what you're actually getting. I've found I can usually buy just the items I will use for way cheaper than buying the kit. Think outside the box.

Shop your house.
This is such an easy concept, but I have to say I was amazed after scrapping for a while just how many things I had lying around my house I could use. You don't have to shop a crafting supply store to find great embellishments for your next project. Just look around your house! Here are a few things I've used that were just in my junk drawer. (don't lie you know you have one too!) Paperclips, Full-sized Brads, Scrap Paper, Thumbtack( this is great for pushing holes in your card stock to create a design), Stapler, Extra Buttons (if you actually use them) and the list goes on. Just take a look at what you already have and I bet you'll find that you                                                     don't need to take that trip to the store after all!

Spread the word! 
You're a scrapbooking fanatic don't be ashamed! Tell all your friends, because I'm sure you'll find one or two of them share your passion. I have a good variety of stamps, but I don't have anything to make a sympathy card. A good friend of mine lets me borrow a lovely set she owns and I make up several cards in advance. Simply post to facebook asking to borrow or buy any supplies your friends are willing to share with you. Another way to save while having lots of fun is to have paper crafting parties. Send out some invitations and set up a few tables in your living room and have a craft swap! You borrow this, I'll borrow that-everyone wins!

Take what's FREE! 
Yes, you read that right. If it's free you take it!
There is nothing like creating a scrapbook to remember an event or family trip. We love to open the window of our mind and look back to that place. One of the coolest ways to scrapbook about an event or trip is to take what's free. Simply put, pick up a free program or two! I like to grab a couple programs one to keep whole, one to cut apart and use on my scrapbook pages. Everyone has seen the stands at hotels and travel centers full of brochures to local attractions. On your next trip grab a couple for the ones you are already planning to visit. These will be great to crop for embellishment, and help you recreate that special time when journaling on your page. One of my favorite scrapbook pages made for me by my grandmother included a brochure from the park where the pictures were taken. It's so cool looking at that page now, since the brochure reflects the time period adding to the nostalgia. Wow! I just felt really old typing that.

Bonus tip- Shop online for what you need. I've found when I'm in the store I seem to fill my basket way faster than shopping online. When I need adhesive I'll order online so I don't end up planning 10 new projects for all the supplies I just had to buy! Hope this helps you save some money. Happy Scrapping!

Do you have any tips for saving money on Scrapbooking or Crafting supplies?
 I want to hear it! Share a comment below. 


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  2. I love scrapbooking! It is addicting and can be expensive lol thanks your tips will be very handy!

  3. It's always good to save money thanks for the tips.

  4. Thank you for sharing these tips. Also watch for sales!

  5. I just recently started scrapping and I appreciate the tips on saving money.

  6. I have just started my scrapbooking but I appreciate these tips.

  7. Great tips, I love scrapbooking and adding little things to my planner. I had a bunch of stickers, but I gave a lot of them away to my Granddaughter one Christmas as scrapbook I made for her stickers. I made pages she could color and add stickers on each type, like People, holidays and such. She loved it, now I need to stock backup on my stickers. Thanks for all your tips.

  8. I love the take whats free bit! Most people look at you funny but i say why not!


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