6 Tips For The Cold And Flu Season

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So we like to label everything now. Cold and Flu season for example. Unfortunately you can get a cold or the flu any time not just during the Cold and Flu season. I wish there would be a day to mark on my calender when I could relax that the season for getting sick would just be over, but that's not the case. Year-round there are preventative measures we can all take to help ourselves and others keep the nasty cold bug at bay. Here are just a few of my own tips that I've found to work well for my family.

Wash Your Hands. Simple and easy. Everyone has heard this tip from the time we were kids. My mom would ask, "Did you use soap?" now I find myself asking the Booper the same thing.

Wash Your Child's Hands. When children are young they need a caregiver to make sure they're getting their hands washed thoroughly. I would hold the Booper up to the sink and wash and dry his hands taking care to wash his hands any time I felt mine were dirty.

Disinfect Touchables. Doorknobs, Handles, Phones, Microwave Handle, Refrigerator Handle, Toys, and everything you and your family touch in your home!

Stay Away Sick People. Sometimes you don't know in advance, but when it's possible just don't subject yourself or your family to sickness by hanging out with sick people. Make it known to friends and family you value your health, you can always meet up when they are well.

Stay Home If You're Sick. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." If you wouldn't want someone coughing germs at you don't be the guy that goes spreading your sick germs around. When at all possible stay home when you're sick.

Eat Well. Sleep Well. They say your immune system will be weaker after eating poorly. I personally believe that is true, so we try to eat well rounded meals. Getting the Booper to eat all his veggies..now that's another story. Getting good rest is one I struggle with. I'm a night owl, but I know when I get good sleep I'm less likely to get sick.
Even when you take every precaution, sometimes sickness just happens. Recently the Booper got a cold, and luckily that's all it was. It just had to run it's snotty course. Nasty mucus! To help keep the mucus moving we gave the Booper a dose of Children's Mucinex. We found this children's formula to work well for him, he wasn't thrilled with the flavor but he did take it down with a small amount of resistance. We've also used the Children's Mucinex Mini-Melts when the Booper had a cough and he took those easily. I was thankful with the mucus draining properly he didn't end up with an ear infection or sore throat. With some pampering and help from Mucinex he is now back to normal and as busy as ever!

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  1. Love these tips! It's great to have those reminders, especially when we have little ones. Thanks!

  2. Those are some great tips! We are fans of Mucinex here too.

  3. Thanks for the tips! This has been a terrible year for colds and flus around here!

  4. These are great tips since we are at the peak of cold and flu season right now. My kids won't try that stuff, but I like the adult version! :)

  5. I always tell my kids to keep their hands to themselves in public. Sick people, stay away. Great tips.

  6. Great tips! Sometimes it's just unavoidable. Thankfully, we have some great medicines to help ease a bit of the suffering that goes along with those darn germs.

  7. Love the tips! I hate colds and anything that will help get rid of them and better still not get them in the first place is welcome news!


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