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Join Lexi on the adventure of a lifetime in this wonderful book that combines love, loss, and a plot twist that no-one sees coming. Two men may love her, but who will prove “His Love for Lexi”? Read on to learn more about my thoughts on this book and to enter for a chance to win a signed copy for yourself!
Prom night was supposed to be the best night of Lexi Kimball’s life. It was supposed to be perfect. How could it not be when she was the captain of the cheerleading squad and her date was Jeff Baker, the love of her life and captain of the football team!

My Review:

“His Love for Lexi” is a fascinating story of love, loss, and a journey to self discovery.

Lexi, after being away from home for five years, has to return to the nest because of an accident that changes everything. Home was not a place Lexi wanted to come back to, because it harbors so many bad memories, but she has to in order to take care of her parents, and help run the family business.

Kasandra Jamison knows how to write a book full of excitement. “His Love for Lexi” will take you on a journey of discovery in a whole new way. It will keep you on your toes, and will make you wonder, just who is right for Lexi in the love department, and who you want to become hers.

After all, in every love triangle we all take sides.

This book has an equal mix of love and adventure, sure to quince any ones taste for either genre.

I recommend this book for those who like a little romance, but also to those wo enjoy reading about human struggles and personal outcomes. Along with that, you will learn that Lexi (as well as most humans) seek to discover the ever eluding answers to…

Do I blame God for what he’s taken from me, or do I accept him into my life nevertheless? Can I be whole again, or is this broken form of me all I have to look forward to? Can there be love after heartache, or do I live lonely for the rest of my life? And lastly… Is this what I actually deserve?

Join Jeff, Clay, and Lexi in the adventure of a lifetime. I promise you will feel joy, happiness, sorrow, remorse, love, and excitement through reading Kasandra Jamison‘s work of art!” Yes, it takes you on an emotional rollercoaster (in a good way,) but at the end, you just might discover, “His Love for Lexi” (!!!)

Kasandra Jamison

Author Interview:

Me-Kasandra Jamison who are you?

Kasandra Jamison-Since the publication of “His Love for Lexi,” I have gotten married to a wonderful man. My married name is now Kasandra Sheckles. To my fiends and family though, I go by Kassie. My husband and I have four wonderful boys that keep me on my toes. I am an author, stay at home wife, and mother… And I love it.

Me-What inspired you to write “His Love for Lexi“?

Kasandra Jamison-I don’t believe I was inspired per-say, I just started writing, and it unfolded and evolved from there. I wrote three chapters in, and a friend encouraged me to continue, and turn it into what you read today.

Me-What is the greatest message in your novel that you want readers to take away from “His Love for Lexi“?

Kasandra Jamison-His Love for Lexi is about second chances both human and religious. Lexi didn’t cry out to God until she needed him the most, but he was still there, and heard her cry.

Me-What is your target age group for your writing?

Kasandra Jamison-I would say it classifies as YA, however, age does not matter, I have had the young, and young at heart read His Love for Lexi, and enjoy it.

Me-What books and authors have had the most influenced on your life?

Kasandra Jamison-Other than the Bible, I would say authors such as Stephenie Myer and Janette Oke inspire me. I know those are from two totally different ends of the spectrum, but they are both amazing authors.

Me-What book are you reading now?

Kasandra Jamison-I have not started anything new, however I have just finished The Fault in our Stars, and fell in love with John Green’s writing. Perhaps my next good read will be Paper Towns or Looking for Alaska, we will see.

Me-What are your current projects, writing and otherwise?

Kasandra Jamison-I am currently working on the sequel to His Love for Lexi! It will be entitled Hope for Hannah! I am almost finished with the rough draft, and will be working on editing and revisions soon.

Me-Name an entity/entities whom you feel best supports your writing outside of family members.

Kasandra Jamison-My dearest friends Paige Clendenin and Nicole Hillyard have been my rock during all of this. I bounced ideas off of both of them on many occasions, as well as had them proof read, and read again my manuscript on many occasions before publication, and after.

Me-Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

Kasandra Jamison-I have always loved reading from the time I was a small child. I started at a very young age writing short stories, and building from there. This is how His Love for Lexi became the novel it currently is.

Me-Is there anything you find particularly challenging during the writing process?

Kasandra Jamison-Writers block would be the worst thing for me. Sometimes I have to step back and start again at a later date. It always helps if I can get a different perspective.

Me-Do you have any advice for other writers?

Kasandra Jamison-My advice to other writers would be to stay strong. There are going to be times that in the process of going after your dream, you want to give up. Don’t! You can make it through!

Me-Where can “His Love for Lexi” be purchased?

Kasandra Jamison-His Love for Lexi can be bought at Tate Publishing, Barnes and Noble  and on Amazon  Also if you contact me at writergurl26(at) you may purchase signed copies directly from me. Thank you!

Connect with author Kasandra Jamison on Facebook and Twitter @KasandraJamison.

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