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It doesn't matter if you are reading at home, or on the go, make sure you have a bottle of Ayala's Herbal Water by your side. I promise your thirst will be quenched in a refreshing and healthy way! If you are anything like me (And I Read A Lot) you will always have something good to drink by your side. I have a habit, as most people do, of mouthing the words as I read, and even find myself reading out loud! Even reading in the quietness of my own mind, I find that I get parched quickly. Are you one of those people who must have something to drink by your side at all times? Let me introduce you to one of my new favorites Ayala's Herbal Water. 
If you are reading a good book, working on the computer, combing the newspapers, or even a magazine lover, chances are you have something to drink at arms reach. If that is the case, then is what your drinking high in calories, chalked full of caffeine, sugary sweet, or even tasteless? If so, then I can guarantee that you are not drinking Ayala's Herbal Water.
Ayala's Herbal Water is fantastic, full of flavor, and all natural. You may have seen Ayala's Herbal Water featured in Good Housekeeping, People, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Woman's World, and Self Magazine, as well as in many other places.

Amazing facts about Ayala's Herbal Water:

* Zero Calories
* No Preservatives
* No Artificial Flavoring
* Gluten Free
* No GMO's
* Naturally Caffeine Free
* Kosher Certified
* USDA Certified Organic

If that isn't enough for you to want to try this great water, then you should know that on top of that, Ayala's has a variety of herbal tea's as well as sparkling herbal water in a variety of flavors. I found that I loved each and every flavor for various reasons. The first being that they have taken the time to handcraft each flavor pallet and adapted the individual natural ingredients to coexist beautifully in one harmonious bottle of water. Another reason being that each flavor combo causes your senses to sore in one way or another. I am especially fond of lemongrass mint vanilla, cinnamon orange peal, and lavender mint, among many of the other flavors.
I could sing the praises of Ayala's Herbal Water all day, and tell you that instead of drinking something bad for you while you are stuck in a good book, you should drink Ayala's. Try a flavor for yourself and you be the judge!

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  1. I'd try the lavender mint first. (but watch out for those soreing senses -soaring?)

    slehan at juno dot com


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