Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Kaboom Scrub Free with Oxi Clean Review

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Are you tired of endless hours on your knees thoroughly cleaning your toilet bowl? Are you disgusted by the unsightly rings and hard water stains that can cause even the most elegant bathroom to look shabby? If that is the case then Kaboom Scrub Free Continuous Clean with Oxi Clean is for you.
Kaboom Continuous Clean is a clip on system that goes on the back of your tank. It cleans continuously so that you don’t have to. You just simply attach the clip on system, fill it with the cleaning tabs, and kaboom… your toilet bowl stays nice and shiny for at least three months. 

With each box of Kaboom that you buy you get the clip on system and two pouches of cleaner… enough to last for six months of clean.

The system is easy to use, you simply remove the lid of your tank, insert the bromine tablets into the system by unscrewing it’s top. (May need scissors or plyers to unscrew) After placing tablets into the Kaboom clip on system, you tightly screw the lid back on, clip the system to the inside/back wall of your tank, connect the provided tube to the fill valve of your toilet, and then you may want to use the provided labels to help indicate which month you need to chance the tablets. (I.e. I installed the system in January, and used the self-adhesive labels to remind me to change tablets in April) It is as simple as that, and perfect for someone on the go. Lastly, you replace the lid to your tank and go.

For those of you who may worry about scent, or are sensitive to smells, the bromine tablets have a slight smell of cleaner/Oxi Clean during installation, however after being installed, there is no noticeable scent whatsoever. Installation took only two minutes from start to finish and I could not be happier. After only two days of it being set in place I could notice a big difference. The bowl was astonishingly cleaner than two days earlier.

I could start to see an immediate change as the Oxi Clean starting eating through the water deposits and then they were all gone, leaving only cleanliness in it’s wake.

As I had mentioned before, for someone on the go or if cleaning your toilet is a chore you don’t care to preform, then this Kaboom system would be something I would strongly advise.

I am a closet neat freak when it comes to my house being presentable, and this helps me out. For someone who sticks to a weekly cleaning regiment, Kaboom secretly helps me cut corners and I don’t mind having more time to spend elsewhere. 

For more information on Kaboom Scrub Free toilet bowl cleaner visit their site. Join the toilet talk on social media using the hashtag #KaboomClean. 

How much do you hate cleaning your toilets? Do you think Kaboom Scrub Free would help your cleaning routine? Share your thoughts below! 


  1. I'll have to look for these! I dread cleaning my toilet! I normally pour bleach and let sit. Tell everyone not to flush for at least 30mins. Lol

  2. I clean the toilet often at my house. I'll have to check this out.

  3. I need to try this. We always have an orangish ring. I get so tired of scrubbing it.

  4. This is something I will be shopping for! The product sounds amazing and I'd love to see for myself if it really works!

  5. This probably works as advertised - seems well made and pretty simple. I love the ease of use and exchanging tablets and how it keeps your toilet sparkly without continuous cleaning. It would save me time on cleaning our toilets because it is already doing the job every time we flush.

  6. I love the idea of a whole system to keep your toilet clean. I'll have to check this out!

  7. I love Kaboom! I have had great luck with it!!

  8. I am definitely not a fan of cleaning the toilets. This Kaboom with Oxi Clean sounds like what I need, definitely going to give it a try! :)

  9. I already loved both products so now I am super excited they are combined.

  10. Oh I do not like cleaning the toilets! This would be wonderful for me! I am going to check into this! I have never tried Kaboom products before.

  11. "Scrub Free" sounds great! I don't like cleaning the toilets, and this would be great to try. I like how quickly you saw results and how clean it actually got. I always worry about scrub free really cleaning , but this sounds like it works.


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