Paige's Bookshelf: "Kragan" By: Dennis K. Hausker {Review and Giveaway}

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If you're looking for a good read to take with you on vacation this summer then you'll want to check out my latest book review. A story by Dennis K. Hausker Kragan is a kingdom where strength rules over kindness, and jealousy wins over compassion, the more unlikely of two brothers is forced to grow up quickly in hopes to save their precious land called Kragan.
Kragan is a bit different than other kingdoms in which the Kings heir is not simply the eldest son as is most traditional. The Kings sons, the eldest Prince Damon and his younger brother Prince Tabor are forced to battle to see who is to become the crown Prince of Kragan.

In a battle of sheer brawn, the youngest brother Tabor avails and beats the eldest son in the final contest.

After Tabor won the kingdom from Damon, Damon began to feel the bleakness of not having a true purpose any longer… Although deep down he had always know it would be his brother who won, he had never fully prepared himself for the shock. Prince Damon never really fit into the Kingdom life anyway, favoring a life in the woods and helping the poor for no recognition. He began to doubt that he was even good at anything, or would be again.

Only after meeting a stranger on the outside of Kragan’s wall much wiser than any inside, Damon’s life takes a drastic turn, and he learns that he does perhaps have a purpose.
After learning that a great evil threatens to take over the land, Prince Damon with no help from his brother, begins to train and live the life of a warrior in the woods. He does this alongside his new master (the wise stranger from the woods) and two of his best friends who never quite fit in with anyone other than Damon.
Things seem to be getting better for Damon, but not fully until the beautiful Beth rides into their lives while running form the same raiders Damon is training to defeat. Their world is being threatened with destruction as the vast barbarian horde, the Argore, manage to venture closer to Kragan. Damon tries his hardest to become the best man he can be, all the while trying to win the heart of Beth who has decided that her true purpose is to avenger her parents and fight alongside Damon and his friends to defeat the men who killed them.
Will Beth ever fall for Prince Damon? Will he ever feel as if he were equal if not better than his brother? Can the Argore be stopped from taking Kragan's walls and toppling the entire kingdom.
Read and find out!
This book is one of those books that you can’t put down. I know I have said that about other books, but for ”Kragan,” even in those times I had to put down the book in favor of other duties, “Kragan” was always on my mind. I had to know if Tabor ever respected his brother or gave him any credit for being willing to stand for their kingdom when he wouldn’t. I thrived to discover if Beth fell for Damon, or anyone at all. Was it someone else that truly held her heart? Then most of all, I wanted to know if Kragan would stand safe at the end, or it would plummet to the ground like so many kingdoms before it.
Dennis K. Hausker is an amazing author with a vivid imagination. I am very happy that he allowed me to read this wonderful book called “Kragan.” I look forward to so much more from this author, and I wish him much success in the years to come.

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