Have A Sweet Life When You #FollowYourTART

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So I turned 35 this month. I tried to slip under the radar, but my mom posted on Facebook. That's what happens when you're friends with your mom on social media everyone knows your birthday and how old you are. Until this birthday I've never thought much about my age. Now that I'm only FIVE years away from the big 40 I can't help but think about time and how I'm spending it. No one is promised tomorrow so I ask myself, "How am I spending my time?"  I spent my birthday this year with my kids. My husband had to work so we basically carried on as normal. Our church had their annual Vacation Bible School so I loaded up the kids and off we went. The Booper absolutely loves going to VBS and I love seeing him singing and having a great time with his friends. SweeTarts wants to know how you FollowYourTART? I follow mine by having sweet moments with my little sweeties!

Sharing SweeTarts with my favorite people is another fun way to FollowMyTART. The Booper loved the tiny candies. Thanks to Smiley360 we received some new candy from SweeTarts.  I like that there are no artificial colors or flavors in the SweeTarts Mini Gummy Bites and they're so tangy! The tiny bites are easy to pop in and enjoy. We created our own sweet party using some colorful decorations plus the colorful SweeTarts added to the festivity. The Booper was excited to help me make some candy cups using cupcake liners.
Mixing up the sweet we added some of the Mini Gummies and Soft Bites making it colorful treat! You can join in all the fun and share how you #FollowYourTART on Facebook and Twitter. For me, I'll keep FollowingMyTART by sharing all the sweet and tangy parts of my life with the people I love!


  1. Mmm!! They look like they'd go over fabulously in this house!!

  2. Too much sugar for me. Very colorful.

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