Struggling With Infertility When You're A Mom

This is a sponsored conversation from Mums the Word Network and The Stork OTC. All opinions are my own.
The emotional scars of infertility aren't visible, but they are all too real. Many women suffer in silence only having the strength to just get through another month of waiting. When you're wait is finally over and you have the baby you've hoped for, dreamed of, and prayed for a lot of friends and family seem to act like you've somehow crossed over to the fertile, baby making promised land, however that's not always the case. For us, the struggle continued even after we became parents. We were very blessed to have our son. I'm truly thankful every day for my sweet boy, but I can't even count how many people asked if we planned on giving him a sibling. The frustration of being a one-time mom yet still not being able to conceive again. I felt a whole new kind of guilt, only this time it was for our son. I didn't want him to be an only child, at the same time I didn't feel comfortable sharing my infertility after becoming a mom when others were still trying for their first baby.

Breaking the silence about being a mom and struggling with infertility is getting easier now somehow after having our daughter. Our children are almost six years apart. We didn't plan the gap. Oh how many times I've explained that fact. We did NOT plan that our children would be so far apart. I always hoped my children would have a close bond and figured they would be close in age like my sister and I. Infertility puts its mark on your life even after you're able to conceive, because it doesn't always just go away, the struggle continues. Don't fret this post is full of hope. I'm sharing my story to help other moms who are still holding their breath each month. You don't have to suffer in silence about infertility simply because you're a parent. Options to help you conceive aren't out of your reach. There are so many new products to help that won't break the bank, like for instance the Stork OTC. The Stork OTC helps women trying to conceive naturally by pinpointing ovulation. What makes the Stork OTC great for busy women is you can grab it at CVS online. Stork OTC is available for at home use without a prescription and cleared by the FDA. How it works is it uses a cervical cap to help put a higher concentration of sperm at the opening of the cervix. A less expensive option for people trying to conceive when compared to other more invasive treatments.

Moms and Future Moms, take a deep breath, relax, share your stories, then let Stork OTC help you optimize your chances for success. Lots of love from another infertile momma, here's to welcoming lots of beautiful new babies into the world even if we need a little help!


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