Sunday, November 12, 2017

All Smiles On A Day Of Pampering For Mom And Daughter

I received these products in exchange for my honest opinions, all views expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links. 

Day to day life gets so busy. Working full time, kids in multiple extra-curricular activities, cleaning, cooking, life just happens. I try to make sure I am carving out special time for each of my kids. Do something they love, play a game that makes them happy, create crafts, whatever they want. I love the one-on-one time with them. We reconnect after a long week and catch up on what is going on in our daily lives. Yes, even at 8,6 and 2 I need to schedule the time to sit down one on one in their lives.

Most recently with my oldest, we wanted a pampering party. Luckily, I had all the essentials for making this happen. We started with the Emoji Makeup Palette. Since she loves all things emoji and makeup right now, I couldn’t imagine a better mix for her. The case swivels all together creating a closed stack, adorned with heart eyes and all. It includes a variety of different eyeshadow colors, different shades of lip glosses to choose from and shine & sparkle glitter powders. Applicators are included as well. All makeup is washable and non-toxic.

We also added in the mix some blush and highlights with our Rockstar Glam Designer Makeup Palette.  This foldable set is perfect for an on the go look and will most likely be trekked to sleepovers and grandma’s house. It includes 28 eyeshadows, 2 blushes,8 lip gloss with 4 sponge applicators. 

As much as I appreciated the glitter on my eyelids, this mam needed a little extra pampering. I turned to the TuscanHills Hand Cream boxed set! I love the smooth and silky feeling of each of the creams. This set of 6 luxury hand creams deliciously scented with - Cherry Blossom, Vanilla Almond, French Lavender, Olive Harvest, Coconut, and English Rose. Since it was an evening of pampering, I chose the lavender to help me relax.

When I get a little extra mom time, I indulge in La Bella Provincia Aromatherapy Body Care Collection 5 piece bath set. I love the added essential oils in this lotion and shower set. There are two fantastic, nongreasy body creams in Peppermint Rosemary (to help breathe and balance) and Eucalyptus (for anti-stress and tranquility). Then for the shower, there is an Orange Ginger Shower Cream, Jasmine Lavender Shower Gel, and a Jasmine Lavender Bubble Bath too. Each scent is strong without being overpowering.
There are so many ways that we can take a few minutes with our children. Pampering our faces and bodies just happened to be what we did this time. What are your ideas for a Mother/Daughter day of pampering? 

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