Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Sunday!!!

My family and I are home from Sunday School. Thinking I'll run out and grab a Newspaper to pick up this weeks coupons, and ads. If you are new to couponing or you're interested in saving money. The Sunday paper is the best way to get started. I like to look through all the coupons first, then I pick coupons that I know I will use. I pull out the drugstore ads, and search for items on sale that match up with my coupons. A big tip I wish I would have known when we had our son, Drug stores are usually the best place to purchase your diapers! When you combine a sale, with a coupon, and on top you receive store rewards, you come up with a huge savings. God Bless!


  1. Going out grab a couple papers here in a few! Did we get one or two inserts this week? Just wondering.... Happy Sunday! ;)

    1. One insert in our local paper :(, hoping there are more in the regional one!

    2. Only 1 insert (redplum) in both papers ( stl & c&p). Next week may get a pepsico moments to save insert, according to the rumor mill. =)

  2. I need to work harder at getting these good deals!


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