Hidden Treasures~My trip to the Goodwill store

Making a trip to your local Goodwill store is not like shopping anywhere else. You never know what you will find, if anything. It's hit or miss. I have a hard time finding clothes for myself, but my trip today was a success in finding some clothes for my little guy. If you are like me, then you believe in the buy ahead principle. (buying items before you need them) Buying ahead, means you can take your time and find items at a great price, so when you actually need it, you aren't having to run out and pay full price for something. I have done this with buying my son's clothing since before he was born. Sometimes, he grew out of things way faster than I expected, but even still it has been worth it.
At our local Goodwill, I found some awesome deals buying ahead for my little man.
Here are my purchases:
  • 2 rolls of hallmark wrapping paper
  • 1 pair of Gymboree pants
  • 1 pair of Children's Place Capri/pants (Girl's for a friend)
  • 1 Osh Kosh B'Gosh sweater
  • 1 Greendog sweater
  • 1 Gymboree polo T-shirt
  • Hanna Anderson Hoodie
I know a lot of people are "brand snobs", and don't like to buy clothing that isn't a brand name. I won't hold it against you if you are one of those people. I just want to show you it is possible to still find great brands that still look new at the Goodwill. You may have to sort through a lot of things you don't want to find a "hidden treasure" but that makes it kind of exciting. 
Here is the price breakdown:
The shirts were all $2, the pants were $2.50, and the wrapping paper was .79 cents a roll. 
Making my subtotal:$14.58  with tax I paid: $15.60

Have you found any "hidden treasures" at your thrift store lately?


  1. Wow!!! Think I'll be hitting up our local Goodwill to check them out. Hanna Anderson Hoodie? Love Hanna Anderson! Seriously you found some awesome deals! btw that wrapping paper is super cute. ;)

  2. My daughter is a great thrift store shopper. Knowing the good ones are important and realizing that even thrift stores will have sales. We get in on deals and come away with sacks and haven't spent that much. She finds great sweaters and loves them for sleep shirts...she buys the really cheap ones that have cute sayings or pics but are worn. They are already broken in and soft for sleeping.


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