Making My Own Decorative Bubble Mailer

I've sort of been obsessed looking for decorative bubble mailers. I bought some on clearance at my local post office the other day, and every since then I've been trying to find more of them. Searching online I came up with several Etsy shops that make and sell them, so I looked up how to make my own.

Step 1. Choose your paper and the size you are wanting. I decided to make mine 6 1/2" x 8". You will need to cut one to the size you are wanting the mailer to be, and cut the other 2 inches longer for a fold over flap.
 Step 2. Cut your bubble wrap to size. I learned you are going to want it 1 inch smaller on the width to give you room for gluing the sides later. The directions I read didn't mention this, so my bubble wrap was really in the way when trying to glue on the last step.

Step 3. Use a rolling adhesive on the smaller cut piece of decorative paper, then mount your bubble wrap Tip: Roll your bubble wrap with the smooth side out, then start at the edge and roll it onto your adhesive.
 This helps. Trust me.
Step 4. Use your rolling adhesive and attach the bubble wrap to your longer piece of paper. Make sure you only roll adhesive where you need it, leaving the 2 inches for the flap. Adhere your bubble wrap. Now for the fun part.

 Step 5. Using a low temp glue gun. Adhere the 3 sides of the mailer. This was tricky for me, since the bubble wrap was too close to the edge. (why I recommend leaving space for gluing)
Step 6. Use double-sided tape across the top of the flap, leaving the backing on the tape to peel off when you are ready to use your mailer.
Now you have a hand-made decorative mailer. I think next time I will cut my bubble wrap smaller to give more room for glue at the end, which should make for cleaner edges. I might also try using a strong rolling adhesive instead of low temp hot glue gun.
Up close view of the side. I trimmed some of the excess glue off the edge. 

 This seemed to be a lot of work for one mailer. If I were to work on these again, I would do several at a time to make it worth my while. I think I will also use lighter colored paper, so I could address it easier. 

Would you ever try making your own decorative mailer?


  1. thanks for the break down - I am going to try this next weekend. Wanted a specific look for my business, this will work - thanks

  2. This is so cute and way better than the brown ones at the store. Thank you for posting!!!!

  3. I really like this idea, I save all of my bubble mailers, I hate wasting them and always intend to reuse them, but then don't end up using them because they look too worn. This would not only make them look better, but it makes them very personal! I love this idea!

  4. This turned out great! Your directions are super easy to follow. Thank you! I really like your idea of making several at a time to make better use of you time.

  5. Great idea and cute pattern! I love how easy it is to make too.

  6. I had never thought about this but love it. You could really get creative and make fun mailers. It's Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, and I like the way you use it.

  7. Wow! This is so cool! If I were to receive this in the mail, I wouldn't want to cut it open because its so pretty!


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