Pretty Papers and Lots of Bling.

Scrapbooking for future pictures.

When I'm making a scrapbook for myself, I use the pictures to form a layout. Sizing your mat to fit your pictures is important to the look of the page. Making a scrapbook for a gift is a little different. You need to come up with layouts and color schemes without knowing the colors or sizes of the photos that will be used. This is a page I've created for a friend.
 This is an open layout, so when my friend is ready to add her pictures, she can add as many or as few as she wants. 

The scalloped edge of this paper gives it a unique and fun feel. I mounted the scalloped circle on the 12x12 cardstock to give it solid edge for the book it would be going in. Mounting your fancy edged paper on a solid background is a good idea, it helps keep it centered in your book, and gives more area to add bling! 
When, Where, and Why? 
Scrapbooks vary on look and feel, soft and cuddly to fun and fancy. Most scrapbooks are used to document a time or event, so make sure when making pages ahead you leave a space for journaling. A small circle with lines give space on this page for some journaling. Adding elements with more scallops keep the feel of this page whimsical. 

 All about the Bling.
 To give your page some dimension you need accessories. Brads, ribbon, eyelets, stickers, chipboard, whatever you choose just don't over do it. I've seen pages made ahead that had so much bling and accessories that when the person tried to add pictures nothing would fit. 
A couple of circles on the left, and three on the right keep this page balanced, but we'll talk more about that later! 

  Happy Scrapping!


  1. What a great idea for patterned paper. When I've tried to use it as the main background always felt like the page seemed too busy! The page you made is so cute! ;)

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