The Booper.

It's funny how as parents, aunts and uncles, spouses,  and friends we can find funny nicknames for our children and each other. 

  When I was expecting our baby, and it was before we learned he was a boy. We called the baby peanut. I would lovingly refer to him as our little peanut. The peanut would kick, roll and give me acid reflux. After our son was born, had grew and started toddling around our house. My husband started calling him the Booper, complete with sound effects. I don't know if it's because my husband is a musician, but everything seems to get his added sound effects around our house! 
  The Booper nickname started when our son was first learning to walk. My husband would see our son toddling and make the sounds boop, boop, boop, with every step our little guy would make. Thus he became our little Booper, or at times simply The Boop. We love our little man. I'm making a special place here on my blog to record funny or special moments with the Booper. You are welcome to read these or not, but I just want to have them recorded. ~ Beck

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