Monday, April 9, 2012

The Easter Aftermath

Easter is over. The holiday celebration has ended. I've swept up all the scraps of recycled paper Easter grass from our little guy's basket. He had a lot of fun spreading the grass around our whole house. This being the first Easter that our son has received candy. I wonder how much is too much?
 Yesterday, I let him have several pieces along with deserts, but now that the party is over we are left with TONS of candy. When you have a child that already has an aversion to healthy foods, what do you do to keep the healthy food to candy ratio at a good balance? I heard a family member say 3 peices of candy a day limit for their kids.
 When it comes to candy limits what works with your children? 


  1. I'm was a stick in the mud for years with Easter baskets. I bought small toys, books, crayons and maybe a t-shirt to put in the baskets. It wasn't until the children were older that I began to put candy in and even then I think it was health food items!

  2. put in a brownie, 3 small chocolate eggs, and a reese cup bunny..the rest were small toys/crayons/ect. They ate all the candy first thing..thank goodness that's all that was in there, huh.

  3. My kiddos both have a WalMart/Target bag full of candy from 1 public egg hunt,a family egg hunt, and the Easter Bunny. I put a 3 piece candy limit on them and so far that's working..... so far! LOL We may have Easter candy until Halloween at only 3 pieces a day but we'll see. =)

  4. Candy limits are hard for me! I think I end up eating more than they do! I have only one child that needs limits and what works for him is having one time a day where he gets candy. He knows that is the one and only time he will get any. So far it is working.


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