Experiment on the side please.

A while back I made a sweet and sour dish using sweet and sour red cabbage,apples and sausage. I mentioned in that post I thought it would work great as a side with fried pork chops. Tonight, I decided to test my theory. Only I got to thinking, I've already tried the sweet and sour red cabbage with apples, I want to make something different. I mixed one jar of sweet and sour red cabbage (strained) with a small can of crushed pineapple. As always this was very colorful, and brought a little sweet zing to the dish. This was an easy side to make, I'm sure I will make it again in the future. 

I had never fried pork chops before, so this was a first for me. They turned out well, for my first time ever. Though personally I like them baked or grilled better. I dipped them in egg, and coated them with a mixture of flour and pepper. I used a ready-made mix and made hush puppies to go along. (If you're going to fry one thing why not two?that was my thought anyway) My family has been in a rut, so I'm trying to venture out beyond my comfort zone in the kitchen (pasta). I've come to realize I really need to start meal planning, since you can't go far from your rut if you keep buying all the same things at the store. 
What do you do to keep meals exciting for you and your family?
Do you plan your meals? Weekly or Monthly?

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