Slime, Grime, and other Fun.

Well, the other day I posted that I was going to clean out my refrigerator, but I was sidetracked. Today, Mr. Refrigerator was calling me. I had no excuses left to give, so I rolled up my sleeves and opened the door.Yikes.
This had not been done in quite a while. I will not be posting a before picture, I couldn't bring myself take one. I would be too embarrassed for anyone to see the horror of what was behind that door before the cleaning. We have an older fridge it's not a side by side. My plan of action is always to start at the top and work my way down. I took out all the food on the top shelf, throwing out the expired or otherwise bad food. Then I removed the shelf, and washed it with hot soapy water. I replace the shelf then move down to the next. I tried a tip I had read on another blog to use press and seal paper on your shelves, so if you have a spill you just peel up the paper and remove it. This would be a great tip if the press and seal would stick to my glass shelves. It kept peeling up around the edges and curling. I will probably just remove it in a couple days. It took some time since my little sidekick was "helping". I'm not sure when he snatched it, but a while after I was finished with the fridge I walked into our son's room to find a bag of shredded cheese laying on his floor. (This kid loves cheese!) The whole time I was cleaning I kept telling myself, if you would just do this more often it wouldn't be so bad. I'm glad to have finished. This is what it looks like now.
So I say, "Until next time Mr. Refrigerator!"
Do you have a chore you put off until you just can't any more?


  1. I put off cleaning my kitchen floors! Not a fan.

    I see that international delight iced coffee. Is that good? I wanted to buy it the last time I was at the store but I didn't have a coupon.

    1. Eric, the international delight iced coffee is a new staple in our home! My favorites are the vanilla or mocha. My husband prefers the mocha. We drink a lot of coffee in our house, so we tend to be coffee snobs. It passes our test!

  2. My fridge is bad, and I can't really recall when I cleaned it out last. Aside from a general throwing out of nasty things.
    I also hold off folding laundry until 1.) It's so bad I can't stand it anymore or... my preferable 2.) I can bribe the kids to fold it for me!

    Hopped on over from MVM's event page on facebook. ;)

  3. I went nuts cleaning the fridge the other day and now all everyone complains about is that we have "no food" LOL. It's the same amount of edible food we had before, it just looks like less!

    By the way, I love the new art at the top of your blog!
    Life with our Family

  4. HaHa! I just noticed we have 2 Coffee-mates! Yes, we drink way too much coffee!

  5. I make Greg do it ! ;)

  6. I am normally good at keeping my fridge cleaned out, but I have some leftovers that have been left over for quite sometime now lol.

    I hate cleaning my son's room. He always pulls everything out right after I put it up.

  7. I love a clean, organized refrigerator. Being OCD it's a must. And I especially love the Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Refrigerator Clip on's that they have now that you suction cup to the wall of the fridge and it doesn't take up any shelf space ;)

    PS I love your Tropical Page Header.. I love the Beach!
    ~MVM <3


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