Squeak..Squeak..Squeaky Clean!

Being new to blogging I've found I have a whole lot to learn, and this has been taking lots of my time. I'm trying to keep balance in my life between, blogging, housework, and family time. I love to share things that make my life easier, or just the things I really like.

 On black Friday last year I ordered a Shark electronic steam mop. I had been wanting one for a long time, and I was shopping online since I decided not to go out and face the crazy masses of people.(not until after 9am anyway) I found one that I had seen would be on a huge markdown that day, and ordered it with free shipping too! I was so excited. Then it arrived. I opened the outer box and pulled out my box with the mop. I looked at the box and thought of how clean my floors would be. I set the box with the mop in it to the side, figuring I would need to put it together to use it. I didn't have time right then. As time went by I just moved the box with my mop so it wouldn't be in the way while swiffering my floor. Yes this is a true story...now you will get to know the real me. I just pulled that mop out of the box today! Would you believe it took about 2 minutes to put it together, and fill it with water? It did. I steam mopped my kitchen floor in about 10 minutes. I gave it a little time to dry, which it didn't really need it dried so fast. I walked across our kitchen floor, and my feet actually made squeaking sounds! Perfect. No chemicals, just clean. Really happy I pulled it out of the box. I will be using this mop all the time now, it cleaned up something spilled like my swiffer never could. Don't get me wrong, I will still use my swiffer for every day spills and sweeping. But my steam mop is amazing!
The washable pad after finishing our kitchen.
If you would be interested in purchasing a Shark Electronic Steam Mop, you can use my amazon referral link. SeeDisclosure.

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