What a waste!

Today, I was reading on another blog about cleaning out your refrigerator on a regular basis. I've been thinking mine needed a good cleaning, but I looked over at my overflowing pantry(big sigh), and realized it needed attention first. We (currently) have a small kitchen with very few cabinets, so I have just crammed everything in on top of other items. I have to pull things out, and dig around every time I go to cook a meal. This obviously isn't a good plan. While I have been couponing, and trying to save money. I've been WASTING more than I would like to admit. Today, while cleaning out my small cabinet or pantry, I had to throw out so many expired items. Guilty. These were things I would have used if I would have been able to see them! I went to Menards and bought a shelving unit to put in the back corner of my crafting room. This is where I store my other stockpiled items. I don't have a huge amount of dry foods to store, but I just want everything to be visible, so hopefully I will never have to throw out expired canned goods again. I'm organizing by date, so I will use the things closest to expiring first. With a 2 year old "helping" this has been an all day process. Tomorrow you will get what's coming to you, Mr. Refrigerator! 
~Saving more,by wasting Less!~Beck


  1. I totally understand where you're coming from! lol I am a nutcase when it comes to keeping things organized but it seems like I can never keep on top of the fridge and pantry. It's tough with 4 kids and a husband always in there messing around. On the upside, they tend to eat everything in sight so we don't waste too much ;) Good luck to you!

    Life with our Family

  2. good job on helping yourself by becoming more organized :) and oh my goodness i know how it is to have a 2 yr old "help" haha :) hope you dont have to waste what you have worked hard for again :) good luck!


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