~Designed~ to be a Work at Home Mom

Back when I first started blogging, I knew right away I needed a header to let my readers know what my blog was all about. I didn't really know what I wanted exactly, I couldn't pinpoint a clear vision. A local pastor of a church (who happens to be a long-time family friend) had hired Kim to do an Image package for their church. The striking image design caught my attention immediately and I thought to myself, " I need that!" I contacted Kim Ferguson through facebook, and right away I knew I was working with the right person for the job.

There are so many people out there now that do graphic design, but not all of them offer the kind of personal service Kim has given me. I've never met Kim in person, but I felt so at ease talking with her via email and phone conversations! Like a long-time friend. We connected on so many levels.

To tell you a little more about Kim Ferguson. Prior to specializing in graphic design, her college and professional background was in sales and marketing.She stepped off the corporate ladder when she had her first son to be a stay at home mom. While talking with Kim about possibly creating the header for my blog, I found out she is not only a work from home mompreneur, but she also homeschools her two boys! With her full schedule, she worked tirelessly on my design, and helped me figure out what I really wanted.

Kim pursues graphic design with passion, and works to find the best fit for you. As a work from home mom, I found Kim easy to work with, and very professional. If you are needing a graphic design or an image package. I highly recommend working with Kim Ferguson Designs. Want to see some of her work? Just take a look at my header, she also designed The Mommy Island logo on the header. To see lots more of her work click here. If you are a work from home mom, and want show your support for another mom balancing being a teacher,graphic designer, wife and mom by going here and liking her facebook page. Loving my new Header Design~Beck

I have not been compensated in any form for any of the statements above. All views and opinions are my own.

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  1. Well working at home and having a baby is not an easy thing to do. Are you working now? Recently I wrote a post about getting back to work, I hope you will like it.
    Regards, Kelly


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