Summer Blog Challenge~ Day 20 (I'm so far behind)

June 20--Photo of you as a young child.

Yes, I'm skipping a few, and jumping to this one since it's easy. I've been crazy busy lately, and quite frankly needed some time away from my computer. Now I'm back, and ready to get caught up as much as possible, and this one looked fun.
I chose a couple pictures to post, and tell the stories that make them special, and funny.
Picture 1. This is me as a baby, being held by my grandfather who we all called "Pap". I obviously don't remember this moment in time, but I've been told the story. My Pap was more than a little mischievous.In this photo the reason I'm smiling is he was walking around holding me up high on his chest, and letting me pull everyone's hair. (which is also the reason he is smiling) I miss my Pap, and all the fun we had together, fun that started way back when.

Picture 2.
Birthday #2 excited to be a Big girl. I couldn't wait to try on my new undies. Over the top of my clothes, it didn't matter, I was proud. I love that I'm wearing my E.T. shirt in this one. (showing my age) This was a fun outdoor birthday party, I got a smurf picnic table at this party as well. With lots of family around, I had a great day. I still have flashes of memories from this one, amazing since I can't remember things I did yesterday!

Pictures 3 and 4.
When I think of my childhood, who else would come to mind but my sister. My older sister pictured on the left, I'm on the right.We spent so much time together, growing up. Telling secrets, pretending to be orphan runaways( much to the chagrin of our mom), fighting over the front seat, laughing, singing, dancing, "tap" dancing on our old fireplace, driving each other crazy, being silly, doing cartwheels, trying to catch those blasted chickens,tattling on each other, playing hide and seek (although she would never seek for, wild goose hunts out in the woods...we had a blast. My sister and I.

What a great childhood we had. Happy. I feel sorry for kids that don't get to have a happy childhood, but I'm one of those that can't identify. We had it good. Love you, Sissypoo!
The cool and fun story behind this last picture is the part of the picture you can't see. We are sitting on a Speeder bike ride-on toy from a Star Wars~Return of the Jedi movie. My mother had entered to win a giveaway at a local grocery store, and she won that toy for my sister. We loved riding that thing up and down our bumpy sidewalk. We all wish we had that toy now!

Everyone, say cheese!~Beck


  1. Awww! Love the pics! We did have a wonderful childhood wouldn't trade a thing. I love you too Sissypoo!!! LOL =)

  2. Love the Pictures! Thank you for sharing such a great moment in your life with us!

  3. :~) How I miss those days! Your Dad and I are so proud of the young women that you have become.

  4. Most kids these days, there childhood is nothing more then sitting in front of a TV. Looks like you had a great one :)

  5. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the stories. It was fun to visit your childhood, if only for a few moments.

  6. So sweet, sounds like you are very blessed!

  7. I love these pictures! Just the look of them brings back memories for me. Oh, the days before digital cameras....sigh. Thanks for sharing these fun memories with us. :)

  8. Love the family pics...seems like childhood was so much simpler then. Thanks for sharing

  9. oh how fun!! Love the pics!


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