~Summer Blog Challenge~

 I've joined up with a great group of bloggers, where every day we will answer a question or write our post using a thoughtful prompt. I thought this would be very interesting, and a lot of fun. I hope you will follow along and read my posts, and go take a look at the other blog's responses as well! ~Beck

June 10- Cost aside, famous art piece you would have in your home?

Now this is a challenge, I have so many I love. I would love to own a Mary Cassat, her work of mothers with their children always inspire me.Since becoming a mother, these works speak to me on a whole new level. The intimate moments of life that are captured through her work, make the viewer feel like you are peeking in on a special private world. Most of the precious moments I have with my son, are the moments that are never captured on film or other media. Now seeing Mary's artwork, takes my mind on a trip to a moment in time where I held The Booper as a baby, or washed his little baby curls.

I have to say Van Gogh's "Starry Night" would be my number one choice. I've been a Van Gogh fan every since I laid eyes on "Starry Night" in middle school maybe even before that. I painted my own rendition in high school, and it was worth every hour I spent. I believe it turned out to be more than 18 hours total. There are so many amazing artists, I know several great artists personally, their work always inspires me, and makes me wish I would have pursued my own artistic talent. I've taken a turn in life where I don't do art, so much as I do crafts. ~ Beck


  1. Is it possible to join this/ I have been looking for challenges like this..

  2. Can't wait to read these posts! What a cool idea. Mary Cassett is one of my favs too. =)


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