~Summer Blog Challenge~ Eco Friendly

Going Green with the Grizls

July 1--Talk about something eco friendly that you already do.

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse~ My take on the 3 Rs.

Recycle. I wish I could give a list of several things I do to be Eco-Friendly, but I really can't think of many. Where we live recycling isn't mandatory or easy to access, so we just don't do it.
Reduce.We are attempting to make a switch to filtered water bottles and pitchers and cut back on our bottled waters. Our Soda Stream unit is another way we are cutting back on our waste. I'm working on cooking from scratch more often to help lessen the amount of trash that comes from our home.

 Reuse. Now reuse, on the other hand is something I can really get in to. I'm all for finding new uses for product containers, and anything else I find that I can reuse. I save butter, sour cream, and other containers to pack my husband's lunches in. I love to make crafts with previously used items. I love large containers from things I've purchased at Sam's Club, these have a variety of uses! I've also recently been introduced to reusable sandwich bags, so those are helping as well.

Organic is my newest challenge, when shopping for my family. I think pesticides aren't good for us to eat, and they are terrible for our environment. Would you drink a pesticide? Well, once it's sprayed onto a field...where do you think it goes? That's right, straight to our water sources. My grandparents used to have an apple orchard, and I loved picking apples there. They looked nothing like the ones you see in the stores, since they never used pesticides they would be smaller and knobby and sometimes have places on them from well... pests!  Those apples still tasted so sweet and juicy, to me they were probably the best apples ever. Since everyone knows food from grandma's house always tastes better!

Well, my list is short, but I continue to try to find new ways to work the green thing into our life!

Take a look at how these other bloggers are Eco-Friendly. Images thanks to Graphicsfairy.


  1. I also use all my old containers. Sometimes I decorate them and just use them as storage for something.

  2. All campaigns about going green are doing such a great response.It seems that all are participating because it will benefits us all and enjoy a beautiful place and can also be seen by the next generation.


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