10 things I love about you. A note to the Booper.

Good Morning,

Today I'm writing to my little guy, our Mr. Booper. He is our only child for now, and someday I hope to look back and read through some of my posts here with him. This was a prompt in the Summer Blog Challenge that I have fell so far behind with, so I've been skipping to the ones that I like. This one is easy. When I think of the things I love about the Booper the list could go on for eternity, so I've shortened that to just the top ten. Here they are, in no particular order.

  1. Boop. I loved you from the moment they called you an egg sack at that first ultrasound, you had my heart. We called you Peanut back then, Mommy and Daddy like nicknames for you.When the special ultrasound day came after the phone call with the scary news something might be wrong with your chromosomes, I love how you waved to daddy, showing us everything was just fine. No clenched fists for you. Mommy held on to that hope from your little wave, thank you baby!
  2.  I love how you can raise one eyebrow just like Daddy, we will never forget you showing off your talent to Mammaw before we even left the hospital. You were plotting to take over from the very beginning! 
  3. I love how fast you are learning new words. Every day you amaze me with something new you've learned. You can say so many things, but I love how when you wake up in the morning you walk in and say, "Good Morning, Mom"....those words start my day off right.
  4. I love how you have started singing on your own. We can sing about Choo-choo trains anytime you want, because it is great to be an engine and go steaming along, if it's with you! 
  5. I love how you call Pappaw on the toy phone and tell him you are happy. The way you say happy makes me smile. I love knowing you are happy. 
  6. I love our early morning snuggles! You like to move around so much, since there is so much for you to do, but early in the morning you and me can have a few quiet moments before our day starts. 
  7. I love when you come running to me for a kiss on one of your invisible ouchies, and after you run away since a kiss makes it all better. 
  8. I love your brown eyes.
  9. I love how you bop your head when you hear music, and how you say, "Daddy's Guitar" every time you see a guitar. Our silly dances are the best.
  10. Booper, I love you. Simply because there is no one else in the world just like you.You are my special little guy. I thank God for you. ~ Love Mommy


  1. This is precious, and so is the Booper! His wave gave us all hope, and he hasn't stopped moving since! LOL =)

    1. No he hasn't Sis! Funny how seeing five little fingers changes everything.

  2. Awh that is so sweet :) He is going to love it!!!

  3. OMGoodness, this is adorable! He is sooo cute and one thing for sure he'll be able to look back on this post when he gets older! "Priceless Post"

    1. Thanks Everyone! I think he's the cutest. I can't wait to show him all your comments as well. :) His car is racing across my back while I'm typing this. Everything about the Booper has been a surprise.


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