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This post is about capturing our Summer, and this one has been all about first time events. We have had a wonderful Summer so far, and we still are. There have been a lot of great moments for our little family of three, plus one fur baby Luna. I was thinking about all the fun things we've been able to do this Summer, and we barely made a dent in all my glorious plans! There is something special about the first time you try or do something. The Booper is young, so much of what he does every day turns into a first occasion for him. It's great to be his mom and experience all the excitement Summer brings for our two year old. There are times when my husband and I just look at each other and giggle when the Boop gets so excited about a new thing for him.

Here is a little glimpse into some of the great firsts we've had this Summer.

  • This is my first Summer as a blogger. It has been a great learning experience, and it's taught me so much about computers, and myself. I feel I've gained a whole new kind of confidence, as I'm really pushing myself out of my comfort zone with every new blogging adventure. 

  • The Booper started swim lessons at the start of Summer, and I had to let go of him being my baby and accept that he is now my little boy. He wasn't sure about trying this first out, but by the last lesson he walked straight to his instructor and never looked back. (I'm one proud mom!) This was also the first time he went down a water slide with out mommy or daddy. 

  • Family reunion on my dad's side of the family this Summer meant so many firsts. The Booper had never met any of our out of town family members, and we had never met a couple of their children either. Many great times were shared, and one them was a first for me. I was a Bingo caller! I thought it would be fun to play Bingo, since the weather here during that time was in the triple digits. Fun was had by all, and Bingo was a huge hit! Sad goodbyes to see them all have to leave and go home, but hope for the future good times we will share. 

  • Big firsts and little ones too, they are all special to me. Seeing my son go down the same big curvy slide I did as a child brought back fun memories, but also made me feel everyone of my thirty-one years. He loved it(as you can see in my photos), we had to help him go up those steps over and over! Some things just can't only be a one time thing.

  • Another first for me was setting up a fundraiser for my mother's private school. We didn't quite reach our goals, but it was a great start for all the events to come. Just one more step outside my comfort zone. Well worth all the effort, there are seven students enrolled who will benefit from our work. 

  • We took the Booper to a traveling petting zoo, and this was the fist time I ever touched a cub! She was so adorable, I didn't want to let her go. There were many cute animals, and this was the first time the Booper was able to feed a goat. He wasn't sure about it, so one time was enough after that he just handed me the food. I have to admit, I didn't mind I'm like a big kid when it comes to animals. I loved every moment, even having my hands covered in Galloway drool was a first for me.
Summer is not over. I hope to have many more great adventures, and perhaps a few more firsts! I hope you're enjoying Summer 2012, and have many adventures of your own. ~Beck

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  1. He is a great little guy and I enjoy being around him!

  2. Sounds like an awesome family summer!!

  3. This was so nice, thank you for sharing. It's so nice to relive those memories. I might have to do this also!

  4. Look like you all had a wonderful summer! Love the way you added all the photos. So cute!


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