Turbospoke~My review (with some help)

Having a review blog is awesome when you receive fun emails like the one I received from Tom at Turbospoke.

Tom asked if I would be willing to review their bicycle exhaust system called the Turbospoke. I had a look at their site, and I couldn't resist! It is a toy after all. As you might know, I have a weakness for cool toys.

The Booper wasn't old enough to help with this one, so we had to call in for back up support. Alan, was the right guy for the job. He has a bike, and he wanted to make it sound like a motorbike.

The Turbospoke arrived at my house in a cushioned package, and when I pulled out the box holding the Turbospoke, I started smiling. Any kid would love this, the box design was bold and fun, and screamed to be opened. I was wishing I had a bike.
The box had a lift-able flap where you could see the contents inside. What a teaser!

Read about the people behind the brand:"Turbospoke is designed and manufactured by Tomax Ltd, a Toy and Sporting Goods company based in Ireland. Setup in 2009 and run by brothers Tom and Andrew Maxwell, two guys with a real passion for anything with wheels. Since their earliest days these two gear heads have been playing around with cars and wheeled toys of all sorts. Anything with wheels, good sounds, speed…… you get the idea." Information thanks to Turbospoke.com

Well, Tom and Andrew sound like most of the guys in my family! I know the Booper loves anything with wheels. Tom has been great to work with, and has had amazing patience with me getting this review posted. I wanted to do this fun toy justice, and have some great photos and video to show all the features.

The Turbospoke is made up of:
  • The Clamp -for bicycle attachment
  • The Tools - to attach the clamp
  • The Exhaust - which looks really cool, and also amplifies the sound! Lightweight, and Removable
  • (3) MotoCards - the part that hits the spokes. You can change these out for different sound effects. (Alan says he likes them all) 
  • Stickers! - to decorate, and make this awesome toy your own. Alan added some of the stickers to other parts of his bike. 
  • No Batteries Required. -just pure pedal power!  
  • Turbospoke is designed to fit to 95% of bicycles. Approximately ages 6+, wheels of 16" of greater.
My uncle was the one to attach the unit to Alan's bicycle, and according to him it was no problem. From what I could see, it looked to be straight forward. The only problem mentioned was they had some trouble with the larger stickers rolling from the way they were packaged. Perhaps, they could be packaged lying flat? Other than that small suggestion, the Turbospoke was a huge hit. 

Turbospoke-the bicycle exhaust system. Exhaust might make you think of pollution or toxic fumes, but that's not the case with this fun toy. The only thing coming from this pipe is roaring motor sounds, and lots of cycling fun!  I think Alan's older sister was feeling a bit left out, I was told she had to ride his bike and give the Turbospoke a try too.

Alan is a guy of few words. I asked him, " Do you like the Turbospoke?" his reply, "Yeah, I really like it." I asked if he had fun putting the stickers on, and he showed me he had put one of the stickers on the front of his bike.

Since action speaks louder than words, have a look at Alan showing off his bicycle customized with the Turbospoke. ( a helmet is recommended for use with this toy)

Thank you for reading my review of Turbospoke- the bicycle exhaust system.
Special Thanks to: Alan, for being a great sport, and to Tera (Al's Mom) for taking the time to help with this review! You guys rock! 

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 Want to buy a Turbospoke?
Schylling Toys   sell and distribute the Turbospoke to those in the US and Canada.  You might remember I've worked with Schylling Toys on a review, their site is easy to navigate and user friendly. You will find the Turbospoke sells for a reasonable price.

If you are interested in purchasing a Turbospoke outside the US and Canada visit the Store Locator
Follow Turbospoke on Facebook and Twitter

I did receive this toy for free for the purposes of review, though all views and opinions are 100% true, and those of my own and those helping to review this toy. Thanks for reading the fine print. See Disclosure


  1. That is so cool! I have a nephew who would LOVE that! Awesome review~!~!~ I am going to check itout right now!!!

  2. This looks so very cool! I wish I knew any little kids to get this for!

  3. I want one for MY bike, I'm sure any of the kids that I watch would love this, but I think I'm going to have to keep it for myself, love it.

  4. That is really cool! Jahmier (like all children) loves noisy!!! Great review

  5. This looks like a really fun toy for kids! Who wouldn't want to make their bike sound like a motorcycle?

  6. My kids would love this! How cool!!

  7. Love the assistant Al's smile! That says all you need to know... it's a cool product that the kiddos will love... hmmm Christmas is coming up fast! Thanks for the great idea! =)

    1. Thank you
      He does have cute smile.

  8. This was great!! Alan loves it, and rides his bike every day. His older sister Foxy, just loves it too. Alan is all into motorcycles, and this was just what he needed. It is easy to change out the sound cards on too. Thank you so much for allowing my family to have the pleasure of enjoying this great toy!!! I would recomend it to anyone that has kids with a bike, boy or girl.

  9. My son would absolutely love to have this! He's used soda cans before to make the sounds!

  10. Oh! This will pair so well with my baseball card in the spokes making motorcycle noises, haha!

  11. Great review! My son would love this too. Funny how boys love anything that's noisy.

  12. I remember clipping cards to the spokes on my bike to try and get a sound like this. What a cool idea this is!

  13. I love that only a loud sound comes out of the system. THis sounds great!

  14. My son would love this. Cool idea

  15. If my husband had a bike, I am pretty sure he would love this lol. But my nephews and even my niece would all love this! They all like motorcycles, and enjoy riding their bikes. It nice that it comes with stickers for them to decorated it :)

  16. What a great idea for a toy! My son would hear this and believe he was actually going faster LOL!

  17. So super cool! My don would think he was hot stuff. Thanks for the demo as well.

  18. Thats way too kool! Some of the things people think of?! Great!

  19. it really adds a lot of pizazz to the bike!

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  20. This would make my son go nuts!


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