Begin Again Toys~ Our Delightful Review.

It's a Tea Otter party, and you're invited! 

Make sure to bring your imagination to this party, as the Booper will be serving up delicious imaginary tea, invisible cakes and pretend tarts. Pouring the tea for little miss Otter is great fun, everyone should try it. Little miss Otter is a pleasant guest, and always uses good manners. Holding her cup and saucer, she delights all the guests! If you get full after drinking and eating all the pretend goods, stacking the cups and saucers is great entertainment too.

We've had such a wonderful time playing with this adorable set from Begin Again Toys. I was honored to have the opportunity to pick a toy from their wonderful site to review with the Booper's help. I chose the Tea Otters Toy Set, because I couldn't resist the cuteness of the Otter! Our son, like most kids loves to play with life-like toys, and this set kept him busy pouring, serving, and stacking. He plays with the Otter all the time, carrying her around, and talking to her..very sweet. Made of rubber, little miss Otter could go in the tub, but so far we haven't taken her in water. I love that the cups and plates stack easily and can be stored inside the pitcher. (If I ever have the chance to put them away) As with most of his favorite toys, this set hasn't had much down time. The Boop brought all the cups and plates to me the other day, just wanting to stack and unstack them. Then he ran to find the pitcher and poured me a drink. I had to drink up the delicious imaginary tea several times, sometimes as the parent you are the captive guest at your child's party! 

I love that this set inspires imaginative play, and offers great coordination skills practice. 
Begin Again toys have a wonderful concept behind their toys. 

They introduced  A.W.I.S.H. for well balanced play. 

A- is for the artist.
W- is for the writer. (this is the category where we found the Tea Otter Set) 
I- is for the inventor.
S- is for the sportster. 
H- is for the hero.    I really liked the Bathtub Ball ~ Shark Tank set in this category.

B- is for beginners. This category is great for the littler ones, 18 months and up

I found the Tea Otter Set to be high quality, and a toy that will be played with for a long time. The Booper has had lots of great playtime with this set, and I see this toy staying off the shelf for a long time.
 A great gift for a girl or boy, this set is sure to spark lots of great parties. Will you be invited? ~Becky

I was given this set from Begin Again toys for free for the purpose of review.
 All views and opinions are my own, and as always my honest evaluation. See Disclosure.


  1. i love all your reviews. I want to buy this for my little step daughters for Christmas. They are always asking to do a tea party.

  2. Oh wow, that is adorable, and I know the perfect little boy that would like it too!

  3. This is just too cute! Looks like you could really use that pitcher too... if you wanted to. LOL.

  4. I've never heard of Begin Again toys, but I just clicked through to their site and I LOVE their toys. Their beginning toys would be perfect for my little one! The earthworms are adorable and I have to get the PushArounds Duck is perfect - she has a duck themed nursery!

  5. As always, your review rocks! I love this one because I haven't ever heard of begin again toys, and they have some great, unique toys that would make awesome Christmas presents. Btw- The Booper looks cute as ever. =)

  6. Gr8 review!! This is so cute,I've never heard of this company before!!!

  7. That is so cute!! I have a niece that would love that. Again I say..your reviews are so awesome!! Thank you for sharing!!

  8. What an awesome review! My daughter's birthday is coming up and I will definitely be looking into this because she would love it as much as your little one seemed to! Awesome pictures!


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