Hello Hello, Are you listening?

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We've all been there, we are talking to a friend, family member, or worse a customer service representative, and realize they aren't listening to a word we've been saying, because they are distracted. It's frustrating. You might even feel like hanging up, but you have manners, and you wish everyone else did too.

At the same time, we all have that person we love to call, or a company we feel gives excellent customer service. What is it that makes them so great to talk to? They listen. When you're talking with them, you know they are focused on what you are saying.

Good communication doesn't have to be so complicated. With proper telephone etiquette you will find that calls are more efficient and enjoyable. I've experienced bad customer service calls at the hands of poor etiquette. I've also had some great experiences in dealing with a customer service call center, and it makes me want to continue shopping with that store in the future.

Here is wonderful place to read up on telephone etiquette, maybe you need to brush up, or direct others to these great tips. Sometimes good etiquette seem like a lost art, but using your manners is never out of style!

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  1. Man, I dislike when you call a company and they feel they need to speek over you. HIGHLY dislike that! I love that you are touching on this subject. To many people are rude!

  2. I'm one of those people that need the reminder to be nice sometimes... but those people on the other end need the same reminder. Thanks for the post!

  3. Yeah people just don't know phone etiquette anymore! It's all texting!


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