It's a Dog's Life~ Luna's SmartSticks/SmartChips Review

Our family has one fur baby, her name is Luna. 
Luna, has been my girl every since my mom took a road trip with me over 200 miles to get Luna then named Una from a no-kill shelter. It's a long story why I picked a puppy that was over 200 miles from my home, but one I will share with you later. I changed her name to Luna after the bat in the book "Stellaluna", because when she would look up at me her floppy pointed ears made her look like she was a bat. It was funny the workers at the shelter had named her Una to start, so Luna wasn't much of a change. She was a black fur ball of energy back then, and nothing has changed. She bounds around our house, and up our stairs with great force. We have to keep the Booper out of her path when she's hyper. She is a mess at times, but we love to pamper her with special treats, just because we love her.

Luna was happy to help with this review of SmartChips products. The Booper also loved being able to feed Luna these treats. The first one we fed her for review, was the Peanut Butter SmartChips. She gobbled it right up, and was a happy pup. I loved that these treats didn't have an offensive odor, and the chips we were reviewing smelled just like Peanut Butter. 
Don't just take it from me, watch Luna devour one of her Peanut Butter SmartChips in this video!

Luna was also able to enjoy reviewing the SmartSticks in the Chicken flavor.
Made with real Chicken these treats are a special snack for our girl when she comes in from a walk. We love pampering her with these tasty SmartSticks since they are full of vegetable and chicken goodness.  She sits impatiently waiting when she sees us reaching for the resealable pouch of SmartSticks.
Some great benefits of giving your dog SmartBones: 
  • Safe-100% Rawhide free! 
  • Made with real, dried Chicken Breast.
  • Chewing activity promotes healthy dental care.( I like that it helps keep my girl from nervous chewing)
  • Great taste. I take it from Luna that they must taste good, since she loves them!
  • First chew of it's kind to be fortified with vitamins and minerals. 
  • A great way to pamper those furry family members! 
If you would like to learn more about SmartBones dog treats visit their site, or for the most up to date information follow them on facebook. Thanks for reading Luna and my review of SmartBones! ~Becky

 I was given all products mentioned above free for the purposes of review, all views and opinions are my own honest evaluations. I was not compensated monetarily for this review.SeeDisclosure


  1. She looks like she is lovin' those treats!

  2. Love your dog. I always think of 'Luna Lovegood' lol.

  3. The video speaks for itself...she loves it. Dogs are spoiled and pampered, and that's the way it should be. Our family dog gets groomed today...I'm sure she'll expect a treat.


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