Our "Stay"cation~Day 1

A trip to the zoo.
This year we are just like many families, we've found ourselves cutting back on everything that isn't a necessity. One of those things we had to cut this year was a vacation. We just don't have the funds to spend on gas or flights. Staying close to home during my husband's time off, we decided to make our "stay" cation a fun one just the same. The Booper like all the children I know loves being outside, and seeing animals. Our local zoo has some great walking paths, and several exotic animals to see.

 I packed some sandwiches and drinks and we were off to enjoy our first day of staycation. Walking through the exibits our little guy was amazed by a waterfall, and LOVED that the birds were free to fly close to us. I was startled by a HUGE snake lying right next to the walking path. I thought it had escaped it's containment! After standing very still and looking closely I realized it was a very sneaky statue...thank you Mr. Zoo keeper. (Not!) After the Boop finished eating his lunch he was playing around the picnic area, and a Peacock wondered right up to him. Booper was so close to that Peacock he could have reached out and touched it, but we told him not to try. The Otters are always fun, they have a tube where kids can climb through and watch the Otters swim overhead. Beautiful weather, and no crowds to contend with, it was a blast. All in all, a really fun way to start our staycation!
 At $8.50 each adult I didn't think it was a cheap outing, but the zoo wasn't far from our home, and some things are worth a small expense.
Have you ever had a family Staycation? What did you do to make it fun? 


  1. My kiddos love going to the zoo! Always a fun day... glad you guys had fun! {LOL about the snake} =)

  2. Love the zoo, your little guy is so cute!

  3. Zoos are great places for family outings and staycations. Animals always add excitement, and there is so much to see and do. You can bring your lunch for a family picnic, too.


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