This Feels Like Work. Our "Stay"cation~ Day 2

With my husband being off work this week, we are on a family "stay"cation. One of the bad things about staying home during your time off is seeing all the work that needs to be done around your house. Living in an older home, we always have small jobs that need to be done, but today we worked on this ongoing project to finish my husband's music room.

 We tore out the old ceiling a while back, and took it to the furring strips. Now we are putting up the new white plank ceiling boards. Today, we made some great progress, we have just a few more rows to go, and we will be finished with the ceiling boards. The next step in our process is to buy the trim and put that up. Flooring will come last, and at this point we plan to hire someone to install that in for us. We just don't feel confident to put that in ourselves since our home's floors aren't level, there will be a lot of steps just to get the sub-flooring ready. Happy to see all we accomplished, we called it quits today with a small amount of work to finish tomorrow.~Becky

What do you think of our before and after? Like the improvements?


  1. Love the improvements!!! The music room is going to look so nice! =)

  2. The fan and lights look so good together!


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