Boy meets Girl (our story)

This is the story of how we met. Every relationship has a unique story all it's own, and this is ours. Back before I turned 20,  I was working a crazy amount of hours between two jobs at the time, a daycare, and a discount store. I was good at both jobs, and I loved it. I stayed very busy, spending most of what I earned back into my classroom at the daycare, because I loved those kids like my own. I didn't have much of a life outside of work, but I would stay up late chatting with people online. Yes, I was a dork...not much has changed. One night after getting home from the discount store, I was online and none of my usual chatters were on, so I did a search for people who liked music. His name popped up with many others, but his screen name made me laugh. I messaged him, a simple "Hey, wanna chat?" Little did I know those three words were going to change both our lives forever.
We "met" online.

We chatted over several months, and one night my eyes were killing me I asked if I could give him a call. I had a phonecard, so I knew he wouldn't see my actual number just in case things went bad! He was a bit reluctant..thinking I was probably a weirdo, but he agreed. (yes he is a dork too) I called him. We talked for hours, and hours. After several calls and renewing my calling card, I just gave him my number, and he started calling me. We were just friends, and it was great. He was on his way to California to visit his sister, and we agreed to talk when he got back from his trip. The second night of his trip he called me. He couldn't sleep without talking to me. I felt the same way, I missed our talks. We talked every night for the rest of his trip.

He returned home and called me. We joked about meeting in person, but then it wasn't ever really a joke. We both wanted to meet. We agreed that it would be fun, and he should come to where I live. He made plans to stay a week, and I went to the airport to pick him up with one of my mom's friends in tow. (just in case he was a weirdo I would have back up)  I didn't really have a clue what he looked like. He described himself but I'm terrible at visualizing. To be honest I had pictured many things in my mind, but nothing that looked like Jim. He walked up, and it was just like being home. We hit it off, and that was one of the best weeks of my life. Before the week was over, we both knew we were more than friends, but wouldn't admit it to anyone until we announced our engagement 3 years later.
He moved to my state 4 months after we met, and our relationship took many twists and turns, but on October 9th, 2004, we exchanged our vows.

It was a small, outdoor ceremony in a gazebo by a lake. The day was just slightly overcast which was nice it was warm, but not hot. The beautiful shades of fall were in full force and reflecting on the lake it made for a gorgeous backdrop.  Our closest friends and family were in attendance, and we were both well....ready to get it over with! LOL We had tickets to Cancun, and were ready to use them. My favorite part of our whole ceremony was Jim cried when he seen me, and I cried when he played the song he wrote for me on his acoustic guitar. His hands were shaking so hard, I'm still amazed he didn't have any mistakes. Our wedding was held at a Christian campground, and were campers there at the time. Sometime during the ceremony a group came out of the woods across the lake, they noticed our wedding and they all sat down and observed. At the end of the ceremony when our pastor pronounced us husband and wife. The kids over on the other side of the lake all stood and cheered.  Some people will tell you their wedding day was perfect. I think our day was perfect not because nothing went wrong, but because it was ours. Happy Anniversary, Jim! I love you. ~Becky

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  1. Congrats Becky and Jim!
    Happy Anniversary! MY hubby and I celebrate 4 years on October the 24th! :)


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